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How to switch account from NA to EU server

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I have been playing LOL for quit a time and I want to switch my account to European server from North American server. As I am from Asia I receive a high ping (above 600), which causes lag and at least a 3 sec delay. Why I made my account at this server on the first place is really a long story and no one here would like to listen it. So, please can anyone help me by telling how can I switch my account from NA to EU server? It is highly appreciate.


P.S. I dont know that how would I come to know if someone posts a solution on this thread. So, if someone knows please mail me at (s.muhammadra@gmail.com).

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SilviuVlad's League of Legends Server Switcher v4.0 is finnaly here!

lolSS v4.0 is the updated version of server switcher that now works with the new patcher from riot...
The download link: http://silviuvlad.webs.com/download.html

Avoid adwares, malwares, crapwares... there are alot of people trying to make you download viruses... The only version of Server Switcher that you can trust is from silviuvlad.webs.com others may be scams! As you used version 1, 2 or 3.0 you have seen that it works perfectly without any bugs, if there are bugs tho, you can report them to http://silviuvlad.webs.com/apps/guestbook/ .
This is also free, so don't go to links that say "here is a free tool" it might be a scam...

All you have to do is:
(from readme.txt)
Copy the files (e2n.exe, n2e.exe, server switcher.exe) to league of legends directory, where lol.launcher.exe is located...
Ex: "C:\Program Files\Riot Games\League of Legends\"

Make a shortcut to Server Switcher.exe and put it on desktop, everytime you want to play League of legends, use that shortcut...
If you enter that shortcut (or directly the server switcher.exe from lol folder) you'll see 2 flags, European Union flag and United States of America Flag... click the flag of which server you wish to join!

PS: I am sorry I didn't posted that version 3.0 won't work with the new patcher, I was busy, and since not many supported me by donating, I had to work on my free time... I know many of you curse me because of v3.0 not working with the new patcher, again SORRY, now v4.0 is out, and it works with the new patcher, if riots will modify the game again I will have to make a v5... so support is needed thank you!