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[Champion Concept] Ekko (The Soul's Sound)

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This is my idea for a new League champ. I place some hard number in to give an idea of survivability and damage output, but left most of the scaling up to the imagination. I attached a word doc showing the actual profile I created, because Word allows me a lot more freedom to express what I wanted. In any case, I will give a brief over-view of the champion idea and abilities. If you are interested further take a look at the attachment and give me some feedback.

Picture of Champ (http://s1.goodfon.com/image/310880-1920x1080.jpg)

DESIGN STATEMENT_______________________________________________________________________________

I have always thought that casting based off of attack speed would be amazing. While the burst can still be just as fast, proper positioning and charge time can create massive AOE opportunities. It also gives casting a very different but nostalgic feel. I believe this fits into your design, lore, and artistic theme.


Passive (Reverb): Damaging an enemy champion creates a distortion that will deal W/X/Y/Z (+X% AP) MAGIC damage to the enemy champion 3 seconds later. Scales at Levels 1/6/11/16

Q Ability (Distort): Fractures space dealing PHYSICAL AOE damage. Can be charged while moving for 2 seconds to increase AOE size (charge time is reduced by bonus AS). At 50% charge, the origin point becomes visible with swirling pressure. AD/AP scaling

W Ability (Sonic Boom): Sends out a conal pulse that deals MAGIC damage and reveals the position of any unit, structure, or wall that is contacted (Sound will contour/bend when hitting walls). The pulse’s range can be channeled for 2 seconds to increase its width/range. As the wave passes, it interrupts everything it hits. AP scaling

E Ability (Slipstream): Breaks sound barrier dealing PBAOE MAGIC damage and temporarily gaining massive MS. While active, you can pass through units and over traps (lasts 1.5 seconds). AP scaling

R Ability (Concierto): Gain X/Y/Z AS for 3.5 Seconds. After a brief charge up (scales off of AS), Fires 7 randomly placed AOE attacks at a snap of the fingers that deal MAGIC damage in a large Area (think GP ult). Base cast speed is one attack every .5 seconds (Reduced by Bonus AS). AD/AP scaling


Being the older brother to a prodigy was never very easy. Ekko began life earnestly studying and training under various Piltover scientists and techmaturgists. But at a young age, he was overshadowed by his younger brother’s talent. The spotlight lingered on Ezreal for many years, even after the prodigal prodigy abandoned his studies and left for adventure.

Steeled over, Ekko began intensifying his studies. He attempted to find resonance with some form of magic. Desperate for power, Ekko sought out any and every form of magic. It was during this time when he nearly destroyed the academy he was studying in. An influential scientist approached him with the words that began his journey “A brighter tomorrow can be wrought from sheer force. But force without the correct intent to shape it will never produce something worthy.”

Leaving Piltover, and the shadow of his brother, Ekko traveled the land quietly searching everywhere for true, genuine purpose. His travels took him from nation to nation. He helped their injured, studied their culture, and explored their science and psychology. It wasn’t until he was stumbled into Ionian concert that he truly found inspiration. Sitting motionless for hours after the performance had ended, Ekko reflected on the beautiful music. But what moved him more profoundly was her hauntingly tragic voice. He had found his Muse and unwittingly his medium.

Learning more about his muse, he found that she couldn’t even speak. Both intrigued and encouraged, Ekko focused on understanding his gift. He in fact hadn’t heard the songstress’ voice—He had felt it. His perception of the world around him began transforming so rapidly, it felt as if it was a dream. Motion, movement, energy bustled, surrounding everyone and everything. But no one seemed to notice. Reaching out he grasped it. This ability to paint a thought, to sculpt an emotion, and to manipulate the world became an extension of his being. Every motion life made struck a chord, and, suddenly, it all made sense. Life had a melody, and he was its conductor.

Later hearing of his muse’s involvement in a dangerous tournament, Ekko rushed to join her side in this league. Upon arrival, the people all sounded so different. They emanated every possible sound from gruff murderous tones to righteous declarations all the way to insane cackling. It seemed as though everyone had their reason for entering. But the most daunting discovery was the fact that his brother Ezreal was here. Fate wasn’t quite through with their rivalry yet.

“Music is the heart laid bare. If you stopped and listened, maybe you’d have heard this coming.”

TIPS & TRICKS_____________________________________________________________________________________

1.Placing DISTORT at your location while running away is an easy way to bait a team into its AOE.
2.Charging SONIC BOOM can allow you to bend the attack around a corner.
3.REVERB scales with both AP and AD carries. While it will deal more damage with AP it will deal damage more often with AS.
4.When facing trap based champions, decide if you are going to use SLIPSTREAM to avoid potential traps, to close the gap, or for damage.
5.If fights are mobile and there isn’t opportunity for AOE or you need to push, activate CONCIERTO and cancel for the massive AS boost.
6.Remember that Ekko has delayed damage so trading/escaping may not be as clear-cut