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Mac bug with second monitor

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Since LOL is full screen, its common to turn off the secondary monitor (power down) so that scrolling to that direction of the secondary monitor in extended desktop direction (left or right) the LOL map scrolling still works correctly.

However, recently discovered a bug on Mac in that :

1. If the secondary monitor is connected
2. The secondary monitor is powered down
3. In LOL, if you click to move the map in the direction of the secondary monitor(on my testing was left)

A empty folder gets created on the MAC desktop.

Seems to happen more when you try to scroll the map and click the team picture icons in upper left hand corner of screen.

Disconnecting the second monitor fixed the problem..

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mine does this too. also get info and change desktop background pop up. what it is is the game doesn't confine the mouse perfectly, so sometimes, the mouse gets off the game enough to right click, and selects the things in the right click menu of the desktop. IDK how to fix it, but it does it for me too. Sometimes after games i'll have 7 or 8 folders plus a bunch of general info boxes

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King Pwn

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The game just alt tabs me sometimes, but I do also get the issues you guys get.