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void staff route

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0ccams Ra20r

Junior Member


It's not that big of a deal but could someone at riot fix it so that a blasting wand would suggest a route for void staff (that area underneath the recommended items that show what you can build with said item.) Most of the items I get during a battle are usually somehow or is related to the recommended so usually I can click the recommended, click the sub-item that actually is related to my item I'm going for next, and change the current item tree to the one I'm actually going for. it makes it so much easier and faster for me to do that since I don't feel like remembering "oh, it has armor stats which is in defense then armor section, and now I search in a list" It saves me so much time instead of searching for my items but unfortunately void staff is just one of those weird items I guess because it's one of the very few items I actually have to go into the ap section and look for to get