@Riot matchmaking gurus - What is this hypothetical player's true ELO?

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Interesting scenario: you say people should find their "true" MMR/ranking after ~300 games or so. Hypothetically speaking, what if player X plays the following roles at these levels:

Plat 2 support
Plat 4 top if they get to counterpick into a shallow pool of tops, Silver 1 otherwise
Gold 3 mid
Plat 1 Jungle with Zac (or some current FOTM perma ban), Gold 3 Jungle normally
Silver 1 ADC

What should this player's "true" rank be? Gold 3 since that's the median? Silver 1 since that's the worst? Gold 1 if that's the average? Or if the player dodges every game (and then stops for the day since that reduces artificial LP losses) they get an unfavorable role, they should be Plat 2 or 3, right?

I hypothesize that 95+% of all players have a similar skill curve across roles, and this contributes to the ELO hell phenomena (see: "I got to plat using only X, AMA!").

Most top level players overcome this through sheer weight of mechanical skill, and thus fall in that other 5%. And sure, some things carry over - mechanical skill and situational awareness among them - but each role places a different weight on each, and forcing players into non-optimal roles exacerbates ELO discrepancies.