Got a Leave of a game that never started?

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Argos Knight

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Ok I don't know if it's some kind of fail with the system or something, but this is the 2nd time that happens to me. So I started a PVP game in Twisted Treeline (hoping to actually try Lucian after dozens of instalockers), and it seems I finally get the chance. However inmediatly my internet started failing for some reason so I closed the Queue window with about 20 secs left for Locking Characters, so I won't have a game with lag.

So there, I close and my internet dies for like 10 minutes for a random reason, I don't care just wait until it's back. I come, well no problem, I back at main screen, and I try a Custom bots game with me to check my internet is fine to play. After like 10 minutes or so, I close and come back, and what I see? There is suddenly "Leave" in my match history, with Lucian selected and 0 items and kills. It's like the game had started on the background but nothing allowed me to join that supposed game (I don't if it actually started).

I remember me this happened me another time back in Summoner's Rift, some day servers were lagging and we couldn't start game when w got stuck in queue screen (sure some of you remember that). That day I was playing with some friends, and, well, we just dodged after waiting like 10 minutes without game starting, and when I came back, a "Leave" was in my match history without the game even starting (I know because none of my friends started that game, dunno if they got a Leave too).

Is this some server problem, or is a bug with the mere game? I post along the image of the recent game in case you need proofs (I lost the 1st one).