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[Tool] League of Legends Shortcut-Tool

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With this small Tool it is possible for League OF Legends certain functions/actions/messages etc. to specify on own defined shortcuts.

Version 1.0
Miss&Ping function:
Each of the League of Legends (LoL) a little more intense-looking plays that information about the enemy of great value. This includes when an opponent is not at its Lane ("miss&quot.
The primary task and idea of LoL shortcut tool is to automate the "Miss-message." With a very simple interface makes it possible to define your own shortcut and "Miss-text".

Once you have saved the settings, you can immediately "Miss & Ping" to use in-game.
What does „the Miss&Ping “- function?

  • Immediately after executing the shortcut, the previously defined "Miss" text post in the team-chat
  • Then follows a "ping" on the map at the exact position where you had your cursor to this point

Further features of the LoL Shortcut Tool:
  • Free of charge!
  • So far in 2 languages available:
    - German
    - English
  • Nearly each combination of shortcuts are possible
    - Exception: Combinations with „the Windows key “
    - One can define also individual keys as shortcuts
    - e.g. „Y “or „U “etc.
  • The length of the definable „Miss-Text“ is not limited
    - However, we recommend to pick a not too long "Miss-Text"
  • LoL Shortcut Tool is very small and used up as good as no resources
  • No installation necessarily
  • Shortcuts and „Miss-Text“ become durably stored and can at any time (also during a play) over those LoL Shortcut Tool interface (Settings.exe) be changed.
  • The Ping function can be everywhere used, also on the mini map
    - This also makes it possible to display on other lanes a "Miss"

  1. Download (http://en.lol-shortcut-tool.com) [/URL] the League OF Legends Shortcut Tools
  2. Unpack in the folder of your choice and start the settings.exe
  3. Define Shortcuts and "Miss-Text" and click on the "save settings and restart LoL Shortcut Tool "-Button
  4. Done! Now the shortcut can be use in the game!

Here (http://en.lol-shortcut-tool.com) you can download the League of Legends Shortcut Tool for free!

Questions and support
For problem of etc. you get assistance in our forum (http://forum.lol-shortcut-tool.com).

Sry 4 bad English (THX goes to Google-Translater! )