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Jozrael's FAQ

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NiP Psyrx



Jozrael, I NEED HELP! My issue is apparently just with LoL. There's a post on it somewhere on your forums that I found, may be on EU but still, it exists. Basically my internet crashes as the game is loading characters...just started happening after last patch, as in Lux. I formatted 2 times, also reinstalled 2 times, firewall is off, virus protection I've tried on and off, no difference either way. Talked to Microsoft tech support for like 3 hours, couldn't get anything resolved as the internet was working just fine and other games work fine, just LoL. Any help would rock.

if you are having this much trouble you might want to make a ticket instead of posting here even tho jozrael is awesome and willl probly help you ... you might need to make a ticket and they will work you through it but idk wha jozraels methods would be so id say its up to you

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Does the not leaving bonus disappear if you leave a practice game? Even if you played solo to try a jungle or something?

Edit: Ok so i just finished a game. got 80 for winning 23 for finish streak and 8 for time bonus. Why 80? It's 100 base right? I assumed that base 100 then you can get less for long games or something but i got both finish streak and quick win bonus so what knocked off 20 ip. Have double ip on too so i lost 40ip for what?