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Vi's sister [Lily]

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HI, here is some random lore that I wrote up for Vi's sister, who I believe is the figure in the new pool party picture with her arm extended out covered in cloud Tattoo's


Growing up poor was difficult in Piltover. The only two options were death or thievery. Unlike her Sister neither of these options suited Lily, who was far more suited to the life of a princess as opposed to the life of a punk.
She relied completely on her sister; VI provided food bought through the theft of wealthy Piltovians purses and wallets. However, their came a time where simple pickpocketing became too childish for VI Who’s talents had become noticed by many of the major gangs that had formed within Piltover. One of those gangs was quick to offer her a place among their numbers. Now came the time for these sisters to part ways, VI had built up a bitter resentment for her sisters placid girly nature and pretty naivety so for her the choice to abandon her sister was an easy one.
Lily was left alone, hopeless and forgotten by the only person that she thought had loved her. It came time for her to use what little skills she had and attempt to create a new path of survival in the harsh streets of Piltover, one of charm and charisma.
Lily befriended the rich; she lied about her social status and quickly found herself among the ruling elite of the city. Lily’s life now matched the one she was destined to live. However, maintaining the lifestyle she had become so accustomed to was no simple task and the impersonation of one of Piltover’s social elite required a certain cunning and guile that fortunately lily possessed and was able to use to make anyone do anything.
Lily never forgot about her sister, she wanted to know why she had abandoned her and couldn’t understand what motivated her own sister would leave her alone, but she didn’t hate her for it, she knew that there must be a reason behind her abandonment and not simply a hatred of her character.
News of Vi’s activity within the Piltovers criminal world soon spread to Upper class Piltovians who knew nothing of her connection to Lily. Caitlyn (the sheriff of Piltover) along with a task force of Piltover’s most elite forces swore to bring Vi to justice for her crimes against the city. However, these plans crossed paths with Lily’s. Lily wanted to talk to her sister and most of all didn’t want her harmed. She began working at what she did best, hinting certain thoughts to Caitlyn and the other aristocrats of Piltover, in no time at all Caitlyn came to see from Lily’s perspective, that perhaps Vi shouldn’t be hunted down, and instead should join the Piltovian law enforcement and fight against the enemies of the city.
Lily watched from above, among the ruling elite, she smiled and knew that she had saved a life and, hopefully compensated for the life that her own sister gave her. But answers were what Lily craved, and to find those answers lily knew that she would have to lie even more than she already had and would not let anyone get in the way of her and her sister.