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LolClient starts, but Login window doesn't open

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Hello, I've been playing League for about half a year on a Mac. Just this morning when I tried to log on, I hit the orange "Play" button to get to the login window, but the LolClient Login window with the champion animations didn't open. LolClient popped up in the dock but nothing happened. I tried again and even tried reinstalling the game, but nothing happened.

Is this happening to anyone else?
Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Thanks, hockeyfreak77

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Are you Launching LoL from "Applications > League of Legends"?
What OS are you on? Computer Specs? What else is open?
Does this occur in a New User Account?

Do you see the dock icon leave and no crash log occur?
Anything output in console? Any RAD logs?

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"Does this occur in a New User Account?"
-> What do you mean? He can't access to the login window, so how could he be using a new acc :/ ?

But yea, when you click on Play and waiting for the window to pop up, is there any LoL-related process in the Monitor Activity (can be found Application/Utilities)?

And how do you uninstall the game? Just dropping the icon in the Applications folder into the trash? Or using some specific software to do so (AppCleaner, ...) ?