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LoL work on tablet!

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I realize this is for the mac post, but I didn't really know where to go... sorry...

Hello! This is my first post on League, so I'd thought I would post something that has been discussed for quite awhile now. Can I get league of legends on a Surface Tablet.

So I do have both the Surface RT and Surface Pro.

I can tell you that League runs pretty well on the Surface Pro, not so much on an RT.

The FPS on the surface is about 25-40, so overall graphics is pretty well for a tablet.
The first problem when playing on a Surface pro is that the mouse function is not accurate. With the mouse pad or a plugged in mouse, the cursor isn't accurate to what the game is registering. I had to end the program and restart it, then kept my cursor in the top left corner. The accuracy was still a bit off but was good enough to get the job done.

The keyboard was a bit off par as well. I got the button keyboard for the surface, and it seems that you have to press the keys hard or multiple times to activate your q.w.e.r.

all in all it is possible to play league on a Microsoft Surface pro tablet, just a bit harder to make the correct moves.

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Thanks for sharing it with us
Although it's definitely not the right place too

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Mn i wish. Ther was a