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space between each sentence is cool

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Cherry Fade

Senior Member


We win 4 consecutive teamfights.
We lose a teamfight, but me(j4) and janna are still alive.
Top and Bot are pushed.
Varus is inbetween wolves and wraiths.
There's no wards on the map.
Team is defending after a lossed teamfight.
Varus still mid.
All enemies are up 30+sec.
Zed appears, shadows, and ulti's varus.
Varus has no escape.
Varus dies.
70 sec respawn timer for varus.
22 sec respawn timer for darius and lissandra combined.
Enemy team wins.
"It's not varus' fault"
Go kill yourself.

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You didn't make sense.
This happens to all of us, at least once or twice.
You sound toxic and I pray to God you don't get anywhere near my games.
You won't get better if you don't ward YOURSELF.
Stop being ignorant and help the support in warding, if you want to win, you gotta work for it.

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Supports are gold starved, everybody needs to be warding mid-late game. Since there was no vision on the map he should have been careful, maybe he was warding? You DID say everybody on the enemy team had over 30 seconds before respawn, minus Zed. Maybe you and Janna should have been with Varus? Since that would have been an easy 1v3 on Zed.