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current league system

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If you want to think of it as a psychological penalty, then sure, but as the system works you should have to win the same number of games to make it back to silver 5 if you were demoted, as a ranked MMR silver 5 player would have to win to start gaining lp at a reasonable rate. I guess I can't say for sure that is how it would work, since MMR is hidden and finding a bronze 3 ranked(and MMR) and a silver 5 (with bronze 3 MMR) to play exact same conditions ( maybe duo cue would work?) Would be difficult to get.

For the no score comparison, its not exactly accurate since you made it to silver 5 (and maybe it was luck or maybe not I like to think it would average out enough to not be super important over the provisional series/ over multiple seasons). Its true it may not be a perfect system, its a simple way for people to compare themselves while the hidden MMR deals with the complications of matchmaking.