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Love it!

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Thank you Riot!

I have had frequent disconnects and whole system crashes while trying to play the game on my pc desktop at home.

I use an old 2009 macbook for work and the new mac client for the game works flawlessly for me.

It's never crashed in-game once for me on this thing, whereas the windows version crashes every 2 or 3 game rounds and even takes my whole system down from time to time...

That being said I did take on an odd error once which caused the app to cease working 'unknown problem with the server a report was sent... etc...'

All I did was reinstall the app and patch, it works great again...

I certainly hope there continues to be support for this... I am only gaming via mac osx now and I hope I can keep playing LoL with it, thanks Riot for doing this it's much appreciate by a lot of us

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Never underestimate the power of the mac.


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Teemo exclusively plays on a mac.