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Elusive Gold ELO

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I'm an avid player of Leagues, and I honestly really enjoy the game. However, with RIOT recently announcing S3 rewards I wanted to shoot for gold ELO. However I found this to a much more daunting task than I had initially expected. Upon finishing my placement matches I was plopped right into Silver 5! Imagine my excitement when I realized I wasn't bronze! Anywho, 57 games later... I'm still in Silver 5. I have hit my promotion games numerous times, but I have been unable to successfully complete a series. Which in part is my fault, I will admit I am not the best player, I got outplayed some games, and some I just played poorly. I've gotten so close to Silver 4 so many times, and quite frankly due to my inability to climb the ladder at all, I have begun to dread playing ranked... which is a shame, because I want to have fun and get better as a player. Is there anyone out there that could offer me some advice? Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I don't know. I main jungle, but I'm not a bad top or mid player. I dislike bot lane, but I'll support or ADC if I have to. Is there anyone who would like to duo? I'm not asking to be carried, as I would actually like to earn gold rating, but if there is someone I could learn a thing or two from I believe it'd be in my best interest. I'm just seriously starting to get bummed out, and I'm not entirely sure what course of action to take from here. I don't want to be frustrated while playing ranked, I want to have fun.

Thats about all I got,
IGN - Barno

Champs I play:

Jungle: Naut, Zac, Noc, J4
Top: Wu, Jax, Malph, Vlad
Mid: Fizz, Ori, Kass, Ahri

Perhaps the problem lies here, am I playing the wrong champs?
I feel like these are decent ones...

Either way, best of luck to you guys out there. I wish you a great day. =P

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It took me forever to climb out of bronze and silver 5. I played ranked right when I hit 30. Big mistake, I lost all 10 of my placement games. Now I'm in silver 2. Trust me, it isn't that much of a difference than silver 5. You still get lots of trolls and disconnects. They blame it on the "lag" LOL. I hope it makes you feel better knowing it took me almost 600 games to get where I am right now. GL and Have fun!

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There is an interview with scarra where he rightly claims that before 1000-2000 games you never reach higher divisions and then after that it takes a good deal of luck and a whole lot of skill to make diamond. It's almost about learning from mistakes instead of assuming you know everything there is to know.

I am in the same position as you, silver V for about a 100 games now. There is nothing wrong with your champion pool, solid junglers, solid top lane champs and kassidin is the only mid lane champ required to own up in solo queue . Download lolreplay and take a look at any tough games you had during the week and try to improve on those mistakes. For example, I found out I was being way too aggressive at early levels and needed to just focus on cs'ing.

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If you spend 57 games and end up in the same rank you were before you started, there's a good chance you belong where you are.

In your case, you actually belong in silver 5, and unless you improve your gameplay, you'll stay there.