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Error Patching 3.9-3.10

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So, I get an error at 33% patching from 3.9-3.10. I've deleted the game and tried reinstalling it to no avail. It gives me an error saying that I need to make sure my connection is stable and that I have enough Hard Drive space. I have about 150GB free on my HDD and my internet was stable enough to update the last few patches and play the game for the last 5 months since I've been here.

I don't know if this is Mac specific etc or what. I don't know much about mac and how games are installed. I can't seem to find the "data" for the game in a folder or anything to delete. Anyway, it's been a week and a half and I can't even get the game to patch without throwing this error. Riot, please respond with an official post. I think there are MANY other players having this issue and there haven't been any good responses (especially with regards to Mac clients).