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[An Application RP]Seafare

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~Man of War Revolution~

Charité awoke in a daze from the medication. She took note that most of the figures on the ship were missing, as were the dead bodies. "He must of gotten his job done I guess" The young captain said with a childish smile. With this, she stretched slightly; and made her way to the top deck to see where the ship had drifted.

~Main Deck~

Charité glanced at the large city the ship had seemed to of been pulled to in their slumber. She visited these ports enough to know what it is, and if she didn't the smell would of tipped her off by now anyways. "Zaun.. Pollution at its finest!" She laughed lazily to herself, it appeared this would be where the ship would dock. She had some information on what was going on in this town, and decided to herself that it was as good of a place as ever for her voyagers to be. The city needed their help, and Charité had to go on a trip via land to the village she saw in her visions earlier.

With a swipe of a pen, the captain wrote a note to the remaining voyagers on her ship;

My dearest friends, I regret to inform you that due to some problematic circumstances...I will not be able to accompany you all any longer, no assist you. But, fear not your travels are not yet over. During our time in Ionia, I was given invitations to a ball at an important Zaunite official's mansion, General Haizen Intuiti. These invitations, were signed to all of you. It appears that this man has taken a deep intrest in you all for some reason.

I have placed these invitations at the beds of each of your cabins, in the event that we meet again, I will be more then pleased to accompany you on future travels.

-Captain Charité Voleur of the man of war Revolution

Placing the note in an area widely visible to all those who would be coming out to the main deck,
the captain quickly began on her own way, leaving the voyagers before any could take note of her.

~Miles away from the city of Zaun~

A young girl walked down an empty road, the wind slightly ruffles her clothing and blows her hair. Suddenly, it appears as though she stops in her tracks as an odd aura seems to emite from the girl. With a smile, she muttered to herself quietly. "Good luck, my friends...you're going to need it..."

And so our tale of a pirate, a doctor, a few undeads, and whatever else you could think of comes to an end.....or does it?

Sequel to the rp Seafare will begin, taking off from where this post leaves in roarchat. Some of the cast will remain, and new cast members will arrive. Any and all people are welcome to join in while casts are being made. The new rp's name will be, and its room name will be, Devour.

For all those readers out there, Events from Devour may be compiled into another story by yours truely.

With love,