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Please help, can't find a solution anywhere!!

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I've been searching on the forums and google for weeks now and can't find any solution..

My mouse is screwed up, and it's getting worse.. It's a laser mouse with a scroll wheel, plugs right into my USB slot.

Here's the problem, my left click only works like 1/5th of the time, so it's becoming increasingly difficult to cast spells. I've searched through the key bindings and all the options and can't find any way to CHANGE MY LEFT CLICK TO BECOME SCROLL CLICK (MOUSE 3) if you understand what i mean by that? I'd like to click in the scroll wheel to cast spells.

I'm familiar with smartcast, don't like it, and i have a touchpad on my laptop but that is a pain in the asz. Being able to click the scroll wheel would be most convenient for me.

And before you say "just go buy a new mouse" I'd prefer not to, i just bought this one not long ago and my money is tied up elsewhere saving for a new car and bills and whatnot, I'm a poorf4g.

TLDR; How can i change my left click to become scroll click aka mouse 3?