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Running a macbook pro

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Looking for some tips, if there is any, on how to make my mac run league the smoothest. Something weird ive encountered is loss of fps in fullscreen mode that bugs me so much i play in windowed mode. I can have my graphics all the way up and it runs a smooth 60 fps the entire time in windowed. When i try fullscreen however, it'll drop down to 30 very frequently even when i lower my graphics.

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I'm not a programmer but "Fullscreen Mode" does change some things about the game.
complete speculation below:
Windowed I believe still allows windows server to continue preforming the writing of the images opposed to the GPU functions inside the game code. basically like an assistant.

This has been the case for a couple games I've played on a mac as well. Only real theory I can come up with why its better in windowed mode...

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Associate Software Engineer


Try turning V-Sync off in your video options. Should make the drop less. Although it is odd that you run slower in fullscreen. Generally you're run faster in fullscreen. Are you using an external monitor? Do you have an app that is capturing/manipulating the whole screen? Is this actually "full screen" or is it "borderless" we've seen issues when the game overlaps the dock.

thenicksolo: You make some decent points. However, one thing to consider is that in fullscreen mode the game gets exclusive access to the display device which should theoretically reduce the latency on when draw commands reach the screen (they don't have to go through Mac OSX Window Server Queue).

It's possible if you're on a retina display or something weird like that, Apple's scaling algorithms could be slowing our render times down.