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[Guide] Udyr, The speeding death (w/jungling)

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This guide is how to play Udyr as a jungler/killer.

Udyr is a very viable melee champion since his recent patch buffs. He can fulfill multiple roles in a team including pusher,gank initiator, carry, and makes for great support with his stun every 5 secs when teammates are low hp and trying to run.

2.Skills order

1. Runes:
There are many combination of runes that you can use that would benefit the speeding udyr of death, I personally go all armor pen red runes, hp/5/level yellow runes, cd reduc/level blues and either cd reduc or move speed quints. The cd reduction is absolutely key in udyr becouse in order to change stances and be able to get super speed through atk speed and move speed you have to get your stance changes cd low enough. I use cd reduc quintessences personally and have 15 cd reduc @ lvl 18 just from runes.

2. Skills order:
1. Turtle (if jungling, if not get bear and just switch the order till you have 3 in turtle)
2. Bear
3. Turtle
4. Bear
5. Turtle
6. Bear
7. Phoenix
8. Bear
9. Phoenix
10. Bear
11. Phoenix
12. Turtle
13. Phoenix
14. Turtle
15. Phoenix
16. Tiger
17. Tiger
18. Tiger

I only use tiger stance for turrets because with as much attack speed and little attack dmg as this build provides, tiger stance' benefits are basically nil vs players and creeps but a little extra on towers never hurt. Against champs and creeps You get your dmg from bloodrazors 4% life per atk/phoenix stance and attack speed from other items and stance change speed to give more utility to your turtle/bear/phoenix

3. Masteries and Summoner Spells:
Very customizable but I opt for a 9/0/21 build getting max cd reduc and move speed and regen. For summoner spells I get flash/smite if jungling or flash+ any of the following based on laning style: teleport (good for getting back to the lane or quick lane changes for defence/ganks), Cleanse (Get out of jail free card), Ghost (MOAR SPEEEEEDZZZ!), Ignite (for when they are low and you just dont feel like tower diving)

4. Items:
Your key hear is to allow for huge attack speed, huge move speed, jungling ability, and assassin killing madness. You will not be 1 shotting champs with this guide, you will not even be 5 shotting them. You will be killing tanks however and almost anyone 1v1 and consitently. You get your dmg from bloodrazors 4% life per atk/phoenix stance and attack speed from other items and stance change speed to give more utility to your turtle/bear/phoenix

-Longsword-madreds razor
Boots-berzerkers boots/merc treads if there is alot of cc on opposite team (aka more than 1 which is almost always)
upgrade madreds razor into bloodrazor
depending on situation If im killing well and not dieing much then I start to upgrade zeals into phantom dancers or buy a malady, if I'm dieing too fast I get guardian angel or something like that.

5. Jungling:
I always get the sword and hp pot as first items on udyr becouse the extra dmg will give you regen from turtle stance and help with killing the first mobs in the jungle, also this turns into madreds razor after 585g (best starter item for almost any jungler)

Start with the golem and in turtle form wail away on him while popping your turtle shield as often as it's up. Smite the golem when he has 600 hp to be able to finish him. If you dont have smite then dont start on the golem (unless friends help) until you have at least lvl 2 tutle form (lvl3) and/or madreds razor as you will probably get owned. With golem most of the other creeps are easy to kill, at lvl 2 when you get bear you just switch from turtle form to bear and hit every mob 1 time to stun them then switch back to turtle, count for 5 secs so that you can maximize your turtle time and switch to bear stun and repeat. With Blue Rune switching isn't too hard on mana and provides attack speed buffs.

When you have Madreds Razors and are lvl 4+ with golem buff go to the dragon and solo him. He is easy to kill so long as you always use your bear form every 5 secs to stun him and then immediately when its up get to turtle form. This will allow for maximum regen and shield time on your champion and also maximum stun time on the dragon.

6. Playstyle:
Ganking from when you get your 1 speed boots is easy. Just pick a target that is close to one of your towers and alert your teammates. If your teammate has a stun then you should run up in bear form out of the jungle, stun him, switch to turtle form to absorb any inc dmg from or nearby creeps. Have your teammate stun next then you switch back to bear form and re-stun. By then the player should be dead. They rarely can get away becouse you will probably have red rune's slow and your stuns will have helped you and your team get the kill. Easy ganks

Later levels During ganks I suggest Bear/phoenix form and only tutle if you start to get focused or if your mana is getting low. Swirl your stances as much as possible to always have the speed buff from Bear and stun every 5 seconds and also try to get the aoe consistently from phoenix. This will make your attack speed go up due to the stance change buff and also you will have close to 500 move speed without zeals so noone can run away.

When you are lvl 5-6+ be sure to at every chance come out of the jungle when teammates are near enemy towers to help push them. Udyr with blue rune can switch stances and help take towers down like a beast.

When you get high enough lvl to have your phoenix to lvl 2-4 you should be able to destory creeps becouse your speed will help you get your 3rd dmg proc off very nicely. Just pop phoenix and switch to turle as soon as the abilities are off cd and you will have a constant aoe while keeping your mana and hp up too

High lvl team fights are something that udyr doesnt excell at. Remember that with this build YOU ARE NOT A TANK. Try to not initiate the fight and instead try to play like you would a Jax. You have your tank run in, he stuns or distracts them and then you run in bear up and stun as many as you can then switch to phoenix (if you arent focused much) or turtle (if you are) and go to town on the enemy kill target. You will kill any champion equally fast (minus mresists). Change back to bear after 5 seconds or if someone is getting away and chase them. THAT is what you do best, CHASE and pwn the poor sucker that thinks he can get away with 200 hp. IF during a team fight you are focused GET OUT by tutle/bear forming and running out and/or using flash (BEST SUMMONER SPELL ON UDYR EVER!) and getting away. You are a fairly squishy champion and very susceptible to focus fire. When you do get free and safe from the enemy be sure to run to the nearest jungle or regular group of creeps turtle form and regen your hp/mana or blue pill and then get back to the fight. With Speeding Death Udyr you have huge mobility and I have often gotten Back into a fight again to help teammates or if we have won the teamfight then push towers.

This is a work in progress and I will try to update it as much as possible. Any and all suggestions be it grammatical, contextual or w/e let me know