A question for MAC users

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Shattered Clock

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So I've been in the market for a workstation of sorts for my music editing and whatnot and had my eye on that juicy looking Mac book pro with the 15' screen. Now I already have a fully functioning PC desktop that I use for gaming/script practice/basic audio editing/sculptris/etc and my current laptop has up and died on me, despite all my techno-wizardry and attempts to save it (I do not posses tools for circuitry...currently)

Was wondering what the MAC experience was like for League or if I should just use the Laptop as a purely work related device and continue playing on the desktop. Still buying the laptop regardless of what it's League performance is like, just wondering if it was worth installing versus the PC version.

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League is more than apt to be played on mac, been playing since the ilol days. In all honesty outside of the occasional post game crash I have never really had any issues myself.

Is league playable and enjoyable on a mac? Absolutely

Think of it on your mac as your League on the go.