I got Plat II playing almost exclusively Swain

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Still following this post just cause i'm interested in the discussion - but prolly not gonna do pointed responses to questions unless i see something that i can harmlessly jump in on.

And since i've still seen posts about it: Not reworking Swain. Please read the first post u.u

Still, it's given me a lot to think about for QoL changes/improvements that can be made to Swain players, since he's definitely on the clunkier side of things. Thanks for being so clear and concise dudes - i'm really feelin' the birdvibes

I have had my eye on swain as a possible champ for quite a while (mostly because of my name), but have found him, like you say, clunk. The smoothness of more recent champs makes the older ones, who are harder to master, harder to play, and all have glitchy feeling issues makes them less desirable. Swain has always fallen into that category since he has awkward pauses, needs a metric butt ton of mana, and his protection spells feel very lacking compared to most of the newer champs.

Anyway I'll be watching the patch notes for QoL changes on swain since I've had my eye on him but only bots seem to be able to over come his glitchy feel.