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Hide N Seek Simple Rules

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Map - Dominion (Draft Mode)

Team 1 - 5 Hiders
Team 2 - 2 Seekers

Objective - The seekers have to kill each hider 5 times until the 40 minute mark. Losing team MUST surrender!

Juke and CC abilities allowed !
CCs Allowed - Slow, stun, exhaust, silence, knock up, knock back, grab, pull, taunt, charm, trap , ect.(including Nidalee)

Auto attacks that don't proc CC are NOT allowed from the hiders. Buying Frozen Mallet/Phage/Entropy does NOT allow you to ignore this rule.

Only abilities with CC already in the ability itself is allowed. Buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter does NOT allow you to ignore this rule.

Iceborn Gauntlet is not allowed for the hiders as well!

Hider's Rules

- Hiders have 5 lives. For every hider AFK, every hider gains an additional life. Once dead, you aren't allowed back into the jungle at all!

- You may not recall or walk back into your base once the match starts.

- Only one trap, shroom, or box allowed per bush.

- Two hiders to a bush! No exceptions. If someone is getting chased, the chasee may not enter a bush with two hiders already in it.

- You may not CC a seeker when he/she is recalling or grabbing the storm shield.

- The half closest to the ring from the first step of your base is allowed. No further!

- Hiders will lose lives if they: Auto attack a seeker that doesn't proc CC, kill a seeker, attack (even CC) a seeker when he/she is backing, run too far back into your base, or recall.

- Hiders get a 30 second grace period after RESPAWNING, not leaving base. If the hider doesn't call his grace, they take the risk of dying right after respawning.

Seeker's Rules

- Seeker's can't leave base until 2:00.

- Only one slow item allowed until 25:00, then a second slow item is permitted.

- When a seeker hits 300 health or less, he must back ON THE SPOT! Hiders have to give him up to 2 seconds to back, or he/she may be eligible to die.

- One slow item on the seeking team. The seeking team may get their second slow item when the game reaches 25 minutes.

- Seekers may not camp the hider's base after killing a hider.

- Seekers may not fake a recall. Once a seeker begins to recall, he must go back or he is allowed to be killed.

- No sight-seeing items until 20:00 (ex. Hextech Sweeper)

- If a seeker INTENTIONALLY attacks a hider who's already out, the hider attacked gets another life.

Banned Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance on BOTH teams. If someone grabs this, they're not allowed to use it AT ALL.
Ignite on the hiders and seekers teams.

Banned Items for Both Teams

Sunfire Cape
Guardian Angel

P.S. There are NO automatically banned champions !

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Hide and seek is the real future of Dominion. Not ranked, not DD, not anything else. Embrace the inevitable and participate.