My Keyboard stops working whenever I play fizz

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Wheezing Weezing

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My macbook's keyboard stops working when I play fizz. I can play any other champion fine, but if i play fizz there is about a 30% chance all of the letters and some other keys on my keyboard cease to work. Not all the keys are broken for example escape still works, but most keys do not work. The problem persists outside of league of legends. I cannot type on my computer after it happens, the only way to fix it is to restart. I understand that because it remains a problem after league is closed that it may not be league related, but after looking all over for someone else with this problem, I have found no one. If you could provide any way for me to fix this, or if this is a bug or something wrong with the mac client please tell me, it is unbelievably frustrating.
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is the keyboard Wired or Wireless?
also check some quick checks I posted Here