2013 Macbook Air Lag

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So heres the deal, I recently purchased a 2013 Macbook Air with the following specifications:

CPU: 4th Gen 1.7 ghz i7
GPU: intel hd 5000 graphics
RAM: 8gb
Storage: 512gb SSD
OS: OSX Mountain lion 10.8.4

Even with these specs which clearly surpass Riot's recommended standard, I am experiencing horrible lag and constant frame/ping spikes which are making the game almost unplayable. What I really don't understand is how I did not experience such lag this on my inferior 2011 Macbook Pro that sports worse graphics and a slower cpu. Exactly why is this happening? Ive noticed from other threads that people are encountering this very same issue with the exact same laptop. Currently with my new Macbook Air, I am lucky to hit 40fps on all graphics settings being set at low, while on my older computer I experience stable 60fps gameplay with higher settings with no lag.

From what I've seen so far and read from many other threads, one possibility for this lag is due to some incompatibilities between the new intel Haswell chip and OSX Mountain Lion. Since the hd5000 graphics card is directly integrated to the Haswell chip, I hear that because mountain lion does not support OpenGL 4 yet, there have been compatibility issues between the OS and graphics card since the Haswell chip was tailored to suit this standard of graphics. If this is the case, all 2013 Macbook Air users will have to wait until fall for Apple to realse the OSX Mavericks update, which will come standard with OpenGL 4 and perhaps resolve this issue.

Currently this is just a theory, what are your thoughts and possible fixes?

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This 2013 MBA user is getting 60FPS on a baseline (i5) configuration after doing an SMC reset: < Link >

Instructions for SMC reset: < Apple support document >

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I'm currently using the 1.3 ghz processor version of the AIR and am getting 30 fps on average. I believe it's just a problem you're having with the computer, and not with the OS. Sorry to shut down your theory, but I figured it might help thin out the list of possibilities.