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IMPORTANT: Arcade Hecarim needs his “Game Over” sign!

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I know that Riot has decided to allude to old-school bosses holding their pose while blowing up in many tiny explosions. In my opinion, to make this a more clear connection to the players they should animate Arcade Hecarim to shake and slowly sink into the ground like how many of the bosses did.

I'm trying to find examples on youtube to show you but you should know what I mean.

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It's a reference to when a boss monster dies and freeze-frames, exploding gratuitously as it holds the pose. Obviously the process has to be abridged in our game for readability's sake, but that is the intent here :]

I guess that makes sense, but I had to watch the preview video again after having that pointed out to me in order to see it. Before that, I had just thought it looked like he was falling over backwards in a relatively mundane way. So in my opinion, I'm not sure it reads clearly enough as the reference it is.