My list of issues

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Instead of going around and making various posts, I'll just make one big post of all the problems I experience with my client.

Connecting into a game - Whenever a game starts after champ select, there is a very noticeable delay between me going in and connecting. When I play with friends, I'm always the last to connect into the loading screen, even though i can see most everyone else just fine. It's not my load in speed that's the issue, its that I'm much slower for getting into the loading screen.

Random blue squares around me in game - Sometimes, very very rarely, I keep getting these blue hovering squares around me in the game, generally after I use a health potion or something that puts an aura on me. VERY ANNOYING.

Can't click on shop, or abilities - Sometimes after I load in, I move my cursor over the shop to buy my items, and it doesn't do anything. Even with clicking "p" i still can't click on anything. The only way I know of to fix this issue is by minimizing out of the game and then going back into it.

Game temporarily freezes upon death - Oh man this is ****ing annoying. Performance wise, my game honestly runs very well, I can play in all settings with an early 2011 macbook pro with 8 gigs of ram. The only thing that isn't maxxed is my shadow resolution thing. But EVERY TIME I die, the game freezes for 3 seconds. Its easily the most annoying problem that I have to deal with.

When a game ends, I get a bug splat error - Most of the time when a game ends, you should click the okay button and the screen just goes into the little scoreboard thing right? For me, theres a delay, and then my client crashes, and THEN loads me into the scoreboard.. not a major issue, but still kind of annoying.

This is everything I can think of off the top of my head, Im gonna play a few more games and try to pinpoint some more problems. If anyone else has these, please share them, or if you know a way to fix them, PLEASE share!!

My machine Specs

Macbook pro - Early 2011

2.0 GHz Intel Core i7
8 GB RAM (upgraded from 4 - no significant change in game quality)
AMD Radeon 256 MB
Intel Graphics 3000
500 GB SATA Drive

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This post from me is going to be really similar to the one I had over in this thread, so here's a link:

I don't know if this is good news for you or bad news, but its not just you. These issues are the big 4 right now, with the freezing on death being the biggest issue with the Mac client.

I have all of these issues too, and these are my specs, I have a Mid 2010 MacBook 13" with OS X 10.9.1 and an Intel Core 2 Duo at 2.4GHz, with 4GB RAM, and an NVIDIA 320M with 256MB VRAM.

1) Yup, I take about 30 seconds for even the black screen before the loading screen to even appear. Its taking longer and longer to load with every patch.

2) You might be able to fix this one, its just a graphical bug and it also happens to everyone, you can try repairing your client (before you click the orange play burton click on the gears in the corner and select repair), be warned it takes awhile. This issue is related to missing textures, sometimes it just fixes itself. Riot obviously doesn't know how to fix it yet since I've seen it happen in LCS, lol.

3) I have the same problem. For some damn reason, after 3.14 the LoL window is not selected by default when you load into the game, annoying. Your method of minimizing and reopening works, what I usually do is press Command+Tab until it shows I have selected the LoL Game Client application. This one started happening recently but since its not THAT BAD, I haven'y been posting about it on here as much as this next issue...

4) I can definitely confirm that you are not alone on this one. Every single Mac user I have talked to or played with (with the exception of one guy on these forums), has this issue right now. I think this should be the number one priority to be fixed outta these issues that you listed. Bascially no action can be taken by the Mac player from .5 seconds before death to about 2 seconds after death. If you've checked these forums you've probably seen me bumping the other threads about this issue (there's 6 or 7 now, its ridiculous). I almost feel like I'm pestering them, just to get a response. I don't think Riot knows how to fix this as they have not spoken on it in any of the 5 topics on this forum in over forty days (nor in the 2 topics on the EU server, just be thankful we're not there, there are zero red pots in the EU Mac forums, horrible).

I have no resolution for this. All I've got is that it might be what is called 'hitching' and might have to do with the graphics card messing up when trying to load death animations. I have theorized about deleting the death animation folder and re-patching it, but I doubt this would work, nor do I know where the folder is. Even people on clean installs have this problem, so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't make a difference. This should be their number 1 priority as I basically played very little Snowdown Showdown simply because this glitch ruined it. REALLY ANNOYING.

5) This one pisses me off the least of the others, but its still unacceptable. This one doesn't happen for me every time (although it used to in 3.13) I play in windowed mode, so I'm able to quickly avoid the black screen delay by clicking on the LoL Client app in my dock. Its still pretty bad that bug splat reporter or finder will come up telling me that LoL crashed (even though it didn't). Frustrating, but I can live with this one for now. I'd much rather they work on fixing the freezing on death issue.

Sorry I have no real solutions for you, but we're really stuck waiting for Riot currently.

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Da illest G



Yeah, In my games I haven't noticed anything else. The freezing death animation one is by far the most annoying. I couldn't care less about the other issues if they just fixed that. I'm assuming that because they haven't, it must be a very tricky issue to solve.