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Penguin Teemo Skin Idea!

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Recently a couple of friends thought of an idea for a Teemo skin and would love someone to bring it to life. OUR IDEA: Name: Penguin Teemo Details: So our idea is something on the lines of Cotton Tale Teemo, Somethin like Teemo in a penguin suit, with a fake penguin beak thats orange. Then with some yellow cheeks. as for the suit, of course the white belly and blakish blue surrounding it. Back Ground: Winter Setting, type thing, Snow everywhere maybe some real penguins to show that hes disguising himself to fit in. Any other dets, msg me Im just looking for someone to bring my character to life As for payment, Not sure if u do it for free or not,
THINGS TO NOTE: Homegurad could be Penguin Teemo riding on his belly (as penguins do)
His W Could be homegaurd animation aswell/ Teemo slips on ice and goes a little faster
Ult could be penguin egg/snowball ( for snowball when it despawns it does a melting snowball animation)
Q could be a snow ball
E Normal
W Throws a snowball at enemys face, Blinding.
Recall: juggles snowballs untill recall finish.
Death: normal

P.S. Snowballs are a key factor to this.