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Kernel panics for no apparent reason

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I have seen this posted a few times before but I have a LOT more logs than those posts. This is around the third time I've randomly kernel panicked in the middle of a game, so I figured I would post it here. I have all the logs I can find that might be relevant, unfortunately there are only system-wide crash files for a crash on the 7th, though I have League of Legends logs for both the 7th and today. What happens, from what I can tell is that coreaudiod freezes and the speakers play the same small slice of audio over and over again. Triggering an interrupt by pressing the power button causes the audio to update to a newer slice to play repeatedly but it only works once. The keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, including things like command+tab, command+h or command+q. I have to shut down the computer by holding the power button and hope I can reboot and load in before the game ends. I reviewed the support page for finding the mac logs (22010845) but it was slightly outdated and some of the log files were hard to find, some of them didn't exist, but everything I found I put in this report. I included the system report but it output it in a spx file instead of a rft file, so I piped system_profiler into a text file and included that too. The other things in there are the system-wide logs, the .crash files, from the diagnostics report.

I can't post the zip file of the logs as an attachment here, it's 221KB, I have it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4o905l14265yeci/Temporary_League_of_Legends_logs.zip

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Since the last patch or perhaps 2 patches ago, I've also got kernel panics. Though I'd be hesitant to put the blame in LoL right away (could be some Mac OS X issue perhaps?), but it should be something for Riot to look into.

I play on a MacBook Air from mid 2012.

Everyone that has these kernel panics should send the Console output to Riot, perhaps it helps the devs look into the issue. The Console app can be found in Application/Utilities