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(skin idea) Varus the Elf archer

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I'm no artist so don't expect me to attempt to draw it but I had an idea were Varus became an Elf archer, I think it is worth looking into and Riot should make a bit more skins for some of the AD carries.
Varus' outfit or clothes can be totally up to someone else I'd just like to see some changes to his bow, quiver and the ability animations. Varus' bow would be wood with vines weaved in, his quiver also wood but with a rough texture almost as if it were tree bark. Something along those lines. His arrows should be a bone white.
Passive, Living Vengeance: When Varus gets a kill or assist the vines on his bow should move on his bow and glow a light shade of green.
Q, Piercing Arrow: Varus charges up a white arrow with vines spiraling around his arrow.
W, Blighted Quiver: when Varus hits someone with his auto attack small fairies should hover around the champion/creeps.
E, Hail of Arrows: Varus Fires a hail of white arrows that plant the area with small ferns.
R, Chain of Corruption: The vines on Varus' bow come to life and snare and entangle enemy champions they hit then spread to any near by champions.
Just thought I'd share that.