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Mac Client, Black screen?

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Junior Member


After I reinstalled, Updated, etc... I get all the way to match start, before I can even move my champion the screen goes black. I can still hear everything but can't see anything.

I cant even change settings fast enough without the black screen of doom hitting me.

I have tried both Riot's mac version, and boompje's version. Riots loads and updates, but I get the black screen... Boompje's new version says "too old to update".

Anyone have a fix for this? I've looked around and so far every "fix" doesn't work.

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Senior Member


First things first, can you click the Apple in the menu bar, choose About This Mac, and then click More Info? Then please post here your system specs, including:

Type (such as "MacBook Air" or "MacBook Pro&quot
and OS version (such as 10.7)

Then we'll know what we're working with and can try to take it from there. If there's nothing in the system specs that jumps out, someone might request log files. You can explore the app's file structure by Right-clicking or Ctrl+clicking the League of Legends app and choosing Show Package Contents. Inside one of the folders should be a lot of dated log files, but only the most recent should be necessary.