Ping , Increasing FPS , Macbook Air 2011

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Hi guys so I have an i7 macbook air 2011. I know it's not intended for gaming but it kinda works with league of legends. I have a question on two things >

a. Before the game begins , in the loading screen or vs screen I get like a maximum of only 200 - 250 ping. Is this bad or good ? The router is not that close to be, maybe around 15 - 20 feet and goes through a concrete wall. Should I try to buy a wire and install the router near my room to fix this issue ?

I'm from the Philippines btw and since there's no mac client for Ph servers, I decided to use the North American one.

b. I like this game and I'm considering assembling a PC for this. What specs do you recommend ? That goes well with other brand new games with high quality graphics ?