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Crashes During Champion Loading Screen

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ASC Ghostface

Senior Recruiter


I posted this thread before but it seems to have been removed from the Mac forums. Imagine that.

I get Bugsplat crashes frequently while playing. The errors do not occur in Custom Games (this has been confirmed by others experiencing the same problem), so there is no way to tell when it might happens. This has led to me getting suspended four times now (I've left maybe four games voluntarily). It happened this morning twice in a row, and despite completing at least 10 games since it go off suspension, it was suspended again, without a warning.

I've had an ongoing ticket in the support site which hasn't solved anything. I just purchased Riot points and bought new content that I can't even use because I keep getting banned for client errors I've been trying to solve for almost two weeks. If you can't or won't help me Riot, at least lift this bogus ban or make LeaverBuster not activate on client related crashes.

Here is the linke to my ticket, which lists all my informations (r3d logs, system profile and reports, and methods used to fix so far), as well as a echo of already suggested solutions after I was shuffled for the third or fourth time to a different support agent.


And please don't remove my thread. I'm just trying to fix this.

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I recommend posting a bug report per the information in this thread. (http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3036722)

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Here's what I do when this happens to me. Use command-option-escape to force quit the LoL Client. After that, try logging back in and reconnect. The worst I've had is a level or 2 disadvantage against the enemy champion that can be made up if you play smart.