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[Guide]: Gangplank: "What's this, AP Business? Yar Har!

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Table of Contents

Intro XX01
Purpose of the Build XX02
Champion Skills XX03
Summoner Spells XX04
Masteries XX05
Runes XX06
Items XX07
Early Game XX08
Mid Game XX09
Late Game XX10
Closing (No summary) XX11

To navigate, hit control F or Search and type in the 4 character code. This is for PC (Macs I think have the same function, except with Command instead of Control, but I don’t own a Mac at home to confirm.) Warning, this is a very long guide, with no summary outside of "Grab Lich Bane, stack AP/Surv as needed". The Table of contents is here for you to grab what you want when you want it... use it. Key notes here are Gangplank's skills and items, gameplay is if you haven't touched Gangplank before, or feel you need touch ups on your Pirating skills.

Introduction XX01 “So, you want to be a Pirate? “:

Guess what this idiot did? He gave Mageplank a go (multiple goes), and so far, the results have been surprisingly… effective. After trying out all three versions of Plank, I found that Mageplank has amazing teamfight presence and staying power mid to late game (almost as strong as Tankplank’s), and has a reliable source of damage all game (vs Critplank, who “can” blow away half a person’s HP in one shot, or just tickle away a small bit of HP).
It was an odd feeling, being able to deal a constant amount of Nuke damage while shrugging off any harass or nukage that was fired my way, I could almost swear this was what they had in mind when they decided “Oh hey, lets make his Q apply on hit effects”.
So, without further Ado… I give you, Mageplank, the Hidden Gem of Blightwater.

Purpose of the Build (or how is this build supposed to work) XX02:

This build was designed originally to tread new waters. The end result, however, is designed to give Gangplank a more “reliable” source of damage then Critplank, while having an arguably high amount of staying power (healing 600+ hp does that). It also is designed to keep Gangplank in his lane long enough for him to deny farm for the enemies, while still farming himself without much fear of harass.
The first set of items improves your early game presence. Sheen allows you to farm/harass, while the conversion to Lich Bane later provides your Nuke damage late game. After that, the build breaks off into three main paths… Off Tank, Burst Damage, or Hybrid. The former using items like Spirit Visage and abyssal Scepter, Burst Damage using DFG and Zhonya’s, while the Hybrid uses items such as Rylia’s or Frozen Mallet to allow for more utility (Spirit Visage also works well here). The main build only goes up to Lichbane, while the other items are up to you.
Also note, this build may work better for beginners who are still breaking in the Pirate, or it may just be for someone who wants to flavour a different playstyle. Either way, have fun with it, this build is like a child's play toy, its very durable in many situations.

Gangplank’s Skills XX03:

Grog Soaked Blade: Gangplank's attacks apply a poison that deals magic damage per second, increasing with level, and decreases healing received by the target by 50% for 10 seconds.

Note three things here, 1… Deals “Magic” Damage (been argued many times about whether it’s true damage or Magic Damage). Two, the damage increases per level. Three, reduces healing by 50% for 10 seconds.

Mageplank can be on the frontline with little fear (as Remove Scurvy makes you immune to any form of CCs that stop, slow, or Suppress your Character), so feel free to run right up to Mundo and give him a poke.

Parrrley: Gankplank takes aim and shoots an enemy unit with his pistol. If he kills it, he gains extra gold.

For Early game, I got two words for you, Farming,,, Skill. Use Parrrley to last hit, as this makes finishing the build much much easier (I easily reach 200 minion kills In a game, focusing on Parrrley last hits and Cannon Barrage Turrent defending).
Mid game (or late laning phase), you should have Sheen, in which case, Harass/Farm as needed (you hit for 300 damage each parley with just Sheen alone), this skill should be maxed first, as it increases gold gained per last hits with Parrrley per level (an extra 16g per Kill I do believe, that’s nothing to scoff at).

Remove Scurvy: Consumes a large quantity of citrus fruit that clears any crowd control effects on him and heals him.

What they don’t tell you: Blind is not a CC effect, and Silence is not a CC effect. The good news, Suppression is a form of CC, which is removed via QQS, and Remove Scurvy (Gangplank is very OP against Warwick… Results vary on Malzahar, as he keeps firing the laser on you even after you cleanse the stun, be warned). It has a 1:1 ratio for AP, and its base heal value is already strong, each point in this lowers the cooldown, and should be leveled at the same pace as Raise Morale (though I personally put more Priority into Remove Scurvy). Just remember, “Movement Impairing Effects” are what it removes, not all CCs… stupid website tooltip error.

Raise Morale: Gangplank kills an allied minion, inspiring himself and nearby allied champions to receive increased attack damage and movement speed. Additionally, Gangplank's attack damage and movement speed is passively increased.

I’d prioritize Remove Scurvy or Raise Morale based on how team fights are going, or how much CC the enemy has (remember, you gain extra damage and move speed from Raise Morale, which increases Parrrley’s damage, it also acts as a strong buff for allies). This buff may only last 6 seconds, but it's kick is still strong. This is how you grab onto the enemy’s booty to make sure you’re always on top in the laning phase…. Wait, I think I phrased that wrong.

Denying: The Deny is a lie, sadly... this has been removed, but what can you do?

Cannon Barrage: Gangplank signals his ship to fire upon an area for 10 seconds. Each cannonball deals damage and slows enemy units.

Dun Dun dun dun, dun, dun dun dun dun, dun, dun dun dun duhhh… This is a motherload of a skill, fire it into other lanes, fire it at fleeing enemies, fire it once the team fight begins (or ends), it has many strengths. Learning to use it effectively is a must, as it can make/break this build in many fights. The AP you stack benefits each cannon ball by .2 damage (meaning if they get hit by 5 cannon balls, they take an extra damage per AP, it adds up). You can use this to defend, push, but namely, win team fights, but one misplaced Cannon Barrage will make, or break, your game. Once you master placement of this skill, you will have a difficult time losing “even” fights.

Best tips though, if you’re uncertain that your team can catch the enemy carry, wait till the fight starts and watch the Carry’s hp, if they try and bail… give em incentive not to.

Towers win games, not kills, so making sure you still have all of yours is a must, blow away that wave at top and then focus on harass/escape… (Some people say “No don’t waste your ult on Minions!” I say, @%$# Them, if top turret is about to be steamrolled by 300 minions, Ult them so your team can prioritize pushing or defending another lane. Those Minions can dine in hell for all I care)

Initiate a fight; this is a complete judgment call on your part. If there’s a stalemate at mid, and the enemy is weaker as a whole, force them into fighting. Fire your ult to scatter the enemy and catch any stragglers.

Counter Initiate, no one wants to follow Galio in if he’s in the middle of a Cannon Barrage, if they do, they’ll take massive damage (more targets in your ult means more damage), this provides you with either a single kill (Galio/Warwick/Malphite) or massive AoE damage, while also slowing the enemy keeping them from escaping. Poor *******s won’t even know what hit em!

Chasing, You don’t win a teamfight unless you ace all of the enemies who fought in said fight. Make sure they learn not to pick fights with Pirate, cut off their quickest retreat via Cannon Barrage.

Pushing, this varies, I mainly try to push via Cannon Barrage if we’re ahead and the enemy isn’t letting up (Cannon Barrage behind their turret to force them out of range or into your team, if they’re not itchin’ to fight, they’ll take the damage Barrage will deal to em).

Assisting allies, Top lane in a team fight? Cannon Barrage. Teemo being chased by 5 guys and the Purple Caster Minion? Cannon Barrage right behind Teemo. Akali lunging into a team fight? Cannon Barrage.

(A personal favorite)…
MF escapes your teammates top and hides behind her turret at a bar of HP, still wondering how she made it out of that fight alive. Savor this moment… Malphite comes to relieve her, and she walks, taking in a deep breath as she calms her nerves. She stops, thinking she’s gone crazy as she hears a faint laughter. She then realizes she didn’t actually escape that gank, as a giant cannon ball blows her to the ground in a bloody mess. “I’ll savor that Lichbane I just paid for with your Booty, MF!” Last Hitting Enemy Champions, the best, and most satisfying way to use Cannon Barrage. God Bless Riot for this amazing skill!

Remember, Cannon Barrage is a gut skill, use when you “feel” you need to use it… it has many uses, its wide, and can deal incredible amounts of damage (or nothing at all). Ultimately, it’s a terror tactic, the enemy sees that giant circle and they flee, fearing the “potential” damage… and for good reason. If you haven’t fired it off in a teamfight, they want to focus you. If you will go down, fire it off, as it’ll be a major benefit to your teammates who are trying to salvage that 4v5. If you just get ganked, hold onto it until you respawn, it’s support, use it correctly.

Cannon Barrage is still a gut skill, no changes with patch outside of accuracy (which only helped). The Damage nerf wasn't significant (not with the AP we're getting), which makes this still a powerful nuke. The only issue now is aiming is more important then ever now, if you miss, you're hooped.

Summoner Skills XX04:

Ghost: Bread and butter skill. You’re immune to straight focus fire do to Remove Scurvy, so having high move speed to bail and reposition.

Teleport: Having the ability to instantly get back in your lane is amazing, especially since you’re denying creeps without zoning (and you can effectively keep the enemy from zoning you to boot)

Flash: CCed, stuck in the middle of a team? W and Flash and run like hell! Flash may also be used to follow enemies over walls or even saving yourself if Rammus pulls you into the turret.

Smite: “Wait, we’re not jungling” No, but your lane is lacking a minion, want to even the odds? This will help you to reverse strong pushes on your tower early game, while providing an extra boost of gold for the late game (plus, every team needs a Smite, if you lack a jungler, grab it and you’re set). Really, you have to try it for yourself, use it on the cannon minion and follow up with a Parrrley for best results (it’s cooldown is short to boot). This skill also helps you to farm effectively, as your lane is being pushed… use freely during laning, focus on buff/dragon/Baron stealing mid to late game, and use often.

Many skills actually work, Rally/Revive are the only two I’d highly suggest NOT getting.
Masteries XX05:
1 point Deadliness/Improved Smite
3 points Arch Mage’s Savoy
4 Points Sorcery
1 Point Archaic Knowledge
AP +CD/R + Spell Pen… little bit of crit for luck
If you take Smite, grab improved Smite for the gold gain and skip deadliness

(If teleport) 1 Point Spatial Accuracy
3 point Perseverance
(If Ghost) 1 point Haste
(If neither) 1 point good hands (I recommend Ghost/Tele as one of your skills, free RTB trips that doesn’t kill your exp lead or a powerful chase/escape, can’t pass up on both)
4 Points Heightened learning
1 Point Greed
3 Points Meditation
1 Point Utility Mastery
3 Points Quickness
3 Points Intelligence
1 Points Presence of the Master

I mainly go for CD/R and other utilities to ensure I have no mana issues (as GP denying eats mana), while also having Teleport up when Cannon Barrage isn’t (and you need to cover a turret). Perseverance also may provide you with enough mana for a Remove Scurvy you wouldn’t have otherwise, can’t beat that.
Runes XX06:
Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation (Arm Pen)
Seals: Greater Seal of Clarity (MP5)
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Focus (Cooldown)
Greater Quintessence of Clarity (Cooldown)

Standard runes for me, I like my CD/R and I like my MP5, and Parrrley last hits better with Arm pen (also deals more damage to champions to boot). You may swap out the Quintessences for Arm Pen or Health if needed, though I personally like hitting the cooldown cap once I get Nashor’s or another CD/R Item

Alternatively, you could also build standard melee DPS runes, Arm Pen/Crit Chance Quints and Marks, Mp5 Seals, and M resist Glyphs (you're in melee range half the time, and AoEs are your bane, M resist = good)... in which case you could use the transition items to work into a Critplank build (I'd suggest this path if your team needs a physical carry). This will provide you with a decent early game, and an earth shattering end game (just note, your no where near as durable with this build). Remember, Crit Chance helps your end game over Armor Pen, but Armor Pen gives you a stronger early game (as you can deal true damage until level 3, unless they've picked up armor).

Items XX07:
Sapphire Crystal
Ruby Crystal
Amp Tomb
Boots of Speed (buy sooner if needed)
Boots Upgrade (Sorc Boots, Swiftness, Mobility, whichever... Sorc helps your ult damage, Merc treads provides Surv, Swiftness is for chasing and desperate escapes, and mobility is for getting around the map, though if you have tele, your best bet is simple a boots 2. Zerk greaves would be a nono, as you don't have a high base attack damage, but instead, proc Sheen)
Blasting Wand/Negatron Cloak (Former if the enemy team lacks CC or Magic damage, latter for Caster heavy teams or Hard CCs)
RoA/Bvale (which ever your previous item builds into, I prefer RoA for the HP/Mana/AP it gives)
Null Magic Mantal/Blasting Wand (whichever you can afford when)
Lich Bane
Flavour items come next
Rylia’s Scepter
Rabadon's Deathcap
Zhonya's Hourglass
Nashor’s Tooth
Death Fire Grasp (I have you now! pew pew!)
Void Staff
Last Whisper
Frozen Mallet (to slow on Parrrleys)
Spirit Visage

People usually get very Demoralized by the time you hit Lichbane, usually resulting in games that are only about 25 minutes long (I mean, getting killed by Gangplank is always demoralizing, as many people consider it Luck vs Skill). You only really need to follow the build to Lichbane, the other items are more for personal taste (if you’re doing great, Mejai’s may work… but I hate grabbing snowball items... you start fearing death around the next corner… DEATH!)

Rabadon’s will give you more bang for your buck though, Last Whisper helps punch through tanks, Frozen Mallet slows on Parrrley, while Rylia’s slows for your Ult (Go one or the other, not both…) Gunblade is also a good choice, as both your main damage skills scale off it, and you can last longer in fights (you also have a nifty nuke to boot). Spirit Visage works well with Remove Scurvy (extra HP, healing, and CD/R), while DFG can help to give you that extra burst you need to show Veigar who the real nuke king is. Elixers are a must as well, All three work great for Magelpank, as he scales off of AD/AP/Crit (though crit is a bit lack luster overall for this build...)

Ultimately, go with what you need for the game, whether this means you follow Mageplank to the bitter end, or have to adapt to the role of physical carry (see below), you adapt to the team's needs.

Sapphire Crystal
Ruby Crystal
Catalyst (... I love the staying power behind it, note that it sells for 924)
Sapphire Crystal
Amplifying Tomb
Sheen (Again, boost damage)
Farm until you reach 3100g, sell Catalyst/ Sell Catalyst at 1000g
Straight out buy IE/ Farm other mats (should be easy now that you have a BF Sword, then finish IE)
Trinity (you already have Sheen, and Trinity is not a bad item to work into, as it boost your lower base Parrrley damage, increases move speed, makes you a bit more durable, gives you crit, mana, and a chance to slow on Parrrley.)
Crit items as needed (Ghostblade, Green Exiler, Exe's Calling... switch to more damage items when you crit for over 60% of the time)

Use this alternative when you don't have a hard carry to support, remember... Mageplank isn't the end all carry, he's meant to keep the enemy confused and frustrated while soaking the hits for the carry when the fight starts (you know, the "support" role). The second build is for when your mid Twitch decides fail ganking is better then last hitting, in which case you need firepower in team fights... this build can transition to Physical dps rather easy without killing your mid-end game.

You may also start off with Crit Chance Marks instead of Armor Pen Marks if you just want to follow this build into the physical dps build. If this is the case, you could also just farm catalyst and then head back to your lane instead of buying another Sapphire Crystal when you pick up boots (skipping Sheen). Continue to farm for your BF Sword and Pick Axe, then selling your Catalyst when you get 300g to buy IE. This build is rather flexible, mainly because of how powerful Catalyst is as an item for early game. I personally take the Sheen though, because I love the instant boost to damage and Trinity when I can get it.
Also note you can pick up Sheen before catalyst if you're not getting harassed much, or are in a position to harass effectively...

Just keep one thing in mind, the former build works great if you have a decent carry. If you don't, make that transition, and do it quick, as Mageplank's damage scaling isn't as impressive as Critplank's.
Early Game: “Wait, what do you mean I can't Deny?” XX08:
(Note, these three stages follow only how to play Mageplank, and not the transitioned build.)

Great, so no more denying, watchagonna do... Grab Parrrley and a Sapphire Crystal and play farm ville for a little bit. Parrrley's mana cost is almost dirt cheap now compared to the old parrrley (And with you no longer denying, you have more mana to spare). I find I can get away with an early Sheen instead of Catalyst due to how long my mana pool holds out now, but I'd still suggest Catalyst if you're fighting a strong harass lane. Sheen is great if you need the burst damage, and greatly improves last hitting ability with Parrrley, the lower gold gain doesn't hurt overly much since we start with Parrrley level 1.

Play very, very defensively, focus on just last hitting hits that you can reach (don't auto attack if it means you're about to take 400 burst damage from Sion Taric). You're not bad in a duo lane now, and you can still hold your ground in a solo if played correctly. Your optimal zone is still right outside tower range (or just in it, as Parrrley can kill melee minions after 2 turret shots, while clearing ranged minions at the level 3 parrrley or Sheen after 1 shot, which ever comes first).

You're weak against pushers, or anyone who can hit hard at a tower (see Brand/Caitlyn), but the moment you get Sheen your damage is surprisingly high (anyone who hasn't built tankier will suffer your wrath).
Mid Game: “The second stage is my size twelve boot going up your size 1 booty…” XX09:

This is where everything gets tricky, at level 6 you instantly have to gain 1,001% Map awareness and be able to watch the minimap like a hawk spotting dinner. If the enemies in your lane are weak, be ready to make a move, coordinate with your allies for best results (if you’re laning with, say, Veigar, have him stun the enemies then burst one of them down, follow up with a Parrrley and Cannon Barrage the enemy retreat… They’ll have little choice but to run unless they’re tanky).

All those notes on Cannon Barrage can be used now as well… Your allies need as much help as they can get. Mid is getting harassed? Cover them as they B back to base. Top lane going for the kill? Ult the enemies to stop them in their tracks. Enemies going for Dragon? Get in position then ult them in that narrow choke(and hope to god 4 of them aren’t packing flash…). Ultimately, you’re there to make the enemy’s life a living hell anywhere and everywhere, you’re already a nightmare for your lane… might as well share the love right?

With Sheen and Parrrley, harassing becomes a much more viable option, I still prioritize last hits, but now you can start forcing the enemy back with less fear. You should have a point in each of your skills by this time (you should've by level 4, if you’re playing right).

Golem and Lizard both are a strong benefit for you, Parrrley applies Lizard’s slow, while Golem allows more Cannon abuse. Plus an endless mana pool means you can farm/harass all day long and no one can do a thing about it! The Joys of killing enemy junglers!

Late Game, “The last stage is acceptance, to their defeat!” XX10:

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Oh sweet, I got 3,000 HP and I am an unstoppable anti carry!” No, you’re not… you’re a squishy pirate with a bb. Gun and a bunch of marbles that rain from the sky… or at least you should act like you are outside of team fights. (Defending/Pushing a lane alone is a great example; you should be able to do this if you can keep tabs of the 5 red dots on your minimap… moment one goes miss, start running back screaming like a little girl, that’s manly, right?)

Only engage after the tank initiates, then you can focus on soaking up the stuns and focus fire. You want the enemy to rough you up when the fight starts (you are the captain afterall, you must show your men you can tough it out with the rest of the scallywags), you have a strong burst heal, which is also a cleanse, which should be used in time with your ult and probably after you’ve parleyed with the enemy carry/support (via a bullet to the face). Your job here is to anti-carry, and anti-carry hard!

You are very, very difficult to kill at this stage of the game, continue making that so. Items like Zhonya’s for increased healing/damage is a great choice, plus the active can save you in a pinch when you’re waiting for a scurvy cooldown (Rabadon's is also a good choice, 200 extra HP gained with just the cap, wooh), while DFG can increase your overall burst (via cooldown reduction and its Active). Fill the niche your team is lacking.

Throughout the game, your main goal is to score assist. Pirate is classified as a “Support/Carry” (Or was, new tags shafted that idea), you’re impressive if you’re fed, but you ultimately help to feed your carries so they can wreck house (once you get Zhonya’s though, then it’s free reign for killing sprees). Oh, and always through in your fair share of taunts, reminding them of that lass they brought home who had an Adam’s apple, or how they’re losing to an AP stackin’ pirate and the like. Comments like “Wow I barely made it out of that one!” are also good, as they stop focusing other carries and start going for you (you know, the guy who runs faster than Forest Gump and is harder to stop then Juggernaut).

The longer the game goes on, the stronger you get… an advantage of being a carry (that being said, this build usually sees a game end either by the 25 minute mark, or the 55 minute mark… going both ways, too bad my ex wasn't into that...)

Closing(Answers to Questions, will edit for future reference) XX11:

And there you have it, the basics for the Scourge of Blightwater known as “Mageplank”. (Jeez this guide is long... 1/3rd just on skills and 1/3rd on actual gameplay…)

This build can be just as effective as crit plank in many of the same scenarios (granted it doesn’t clean up as nice… but for the most part it earns its salt). It is very strong in lane and beyond, and doesn’t require as much farm to start gaining momentum.

I encourage more “radical” builds for champions. You learn your limits by pushing boundaries… I didn’t learn how powerful Mageplank could be until I jumped head first into a few (normal) games (though I would like other opinions/builds… I didn’t originally think of Smite until Lumpy mentioned how it helped to balance your lane pulling against push comps.)

I probably will be editing this guide as time goes on, but I am currently happy with it (though I would like to see other perspectives). Anyway, have fun mastering the art of Mageplank. (And feel free to drop suggestions for the build, as few have treaded these waters and shared the knowledge behind it).

And again, if you are going to neg mod this guide, please leave a post on “why” you are neg modding it... I would go on, but this post is getting painstakingly long already.

Q: Wait, why would I run this build instead of Critplank? Critplank has a 2.6 AD Ratio!

A: There's more to a build then straight damage, with this build you are surprisingly tanky (many people will try to focus you when you're below half, only to have your HP shoot up again). Your damage output may not be amazing, but it's still significant (500+ damage on Parrrley per shot mid game, vs 300-800 on average). This build is also a great stepping stone for people who haven't played Pirate before (great Surv, decent damage).

Also, for you to have a 2.5 AD ratio (IE causes crits to be 250%, not 260% isn't it?) on CRITS with an IE. Without the IE, your damage output is lacking comparatively (unless you manage to get into auto attack range, in which case... why haven't they blown you up yet?). My build also has a major advantage, my first core item can be built from my first item, while your IE requires you to farm up a Pick Axe, BF.Sword, and Cloak of Agility. I can grab both Sheen and Catalyst if you decide to try and Rush an IE, have better farming and lane presence, surv, and damage until you finish IE.

Reasoning: Parrrley both procs and applies Sheen, much like Mystic Shot. My shot can still crit, but the bonus damage from Sheen is not applied for the crit (so, lets say you have a BF sword, and I got a Sheen, mine is 400g cheaper and starts from my first item, but we'll just compare the two).

My Parrrley is 120+108+108+24(52) = 360 (388 if Raise Morale active, non crit)
Your Parrrley is 120+153+24(52) = 297 (325)
I hit for 63 more damage per Parrrley.

"Wait, I can crit", so can I... lets see here.

My Parrrley is 120+216+108+48(104) = 492(548)
Your Parrrley 120+306+48(104)=474(530)

Oh look, I hit for 18 damage more per crit too. If you rushed Cloak of Agility and Pick Axe, I could compare those as well, but note you're doing 20 less damage per normal parrrley for a 1/5 chance to crit.

Pickaxe/Cloak Parrrleys: 120+133+24(52) = 277 (305)
"/" " with Crit: 120+266+48(104) = 434(490)

In 5 attacks, say, I don't crit... I deal 1800 damage. Lets say, you crit once (18%+Mastery), 1622 damage. If you're lucky you deal more damage (you need 3 crits), and this is before damage reduction (if you want to go crit chance vs Arm Pen, feel free, I think I've proven my point though).

A more fair argument would be a Brutalizer against Sheen, but again... you shouldn't be starting with a Longsword (unless you've got some brass). The numbers are a little sketchy as well, because... at what level realistically are we gonna get Sheen/BF Sword, and for what levels should we do a comparison? I'd estimate somewhere around level 5-7 for my Sheen, but BF sword wouldn't be till 7-9 I think (400g more).

Q: Why the Lich Bane so early, doesn't it lose damage if you make the transition directly from Sheen?

A: At level 9, yes, Sheen will deal more damage. Level 1-8 though, Lich Bane alone is stronger, and any AP afterwards puts you ahead (and you will probably have another item that has AP somewhere along the line). Reaching level 10 with less then 80 AP is rare, if you do though, you won't really notice the damage loss (if people are escaping with 1 HP when you hit level 9 and have Lich Bane, then by all means, keep the Sheen).
Even if you grab B-Vale instead of RoA, you're still losing less then maybe 20 damage per shot (you lose 28 damage at level 18 if you have no AP).

Q: Isn't your build a little RNG reliant? I mean your Ult isn't exactly the most reliable nuke.

A: Is it really that RNG reliant? Since the rework, more cannon balls are certain to hit (wooh). My damage is also coming from both my ult and my Parrrley, and only one of which is RNG reliant (my Parrrley doesn't need to crit to make people cringe). I'm actually less reliant on the RNG then critplank, as my main source of damage is from AP on both accounts.

Also note, my Parrrley can still crit, but it's not necessary to make my damage impressive. When I do crit, it's hilarious (as I hit for an extra 252+ damage on my main nuke).

Q: Have you tried Malady, due to the nature of GP (You're in melee range most of the time anyway, and the magic resist shreading works with your ult)?

A: I still stay away from Malady, and I know Parrrley applies the shread. However, I find that I usually can't bring myself to throw Malady into my build, as there are usually better choices (DFG for increased Burst, Nashor's for CDR and to rip throw towers, etc). Besides, the AS goes to waste until we're able to push, and by that time, Nashor's provides a better benefit (Nashor's itself is also situational, but most of its benefits work for this build). Its Nashors, DFG, or Morello's, all of which are used for different comps.

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Good guide, from what ive seen ap gp destroys mid game but lacks late game unless you build up a mejas. buuuut looking forward to trying this build out!

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Sigh... for the thousandth time lets do some simple math.

1:1 ap ratio on Q with lichbane

2.6:1 AD ratio on Q with infinity edge.

Ap is not a viable build

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Sigh... for the thousandth time lets do some simple math.

1:1 ap ratio on Q with lichbane

2.6:1 AD ratio on Q with infinity edge.

Ap is not a viable build

What makes you so certain? Critplank needs farm, and if you're Rushing IE, you lack surv/staying power to farm. AP Plank can build said Surv/Staying power without killing his overall damage (via Cata to RoA).
Remember, you can only crit 1/5 times with "Just" IE vs Lichbane... the scaling is only better IF it crits (2.6 means nothing when you only hit once). This is excluding Runes, which Arm pen gives better early to mid game results then crit chance.

Lets weigh the pros and cons here.

Crit Plank:
Obviously, can hit harder with Parrrley (though it isn't constant)
Great in one v ones
Chasing is amazing (as most crit items give MS)
Can easily pentakill enemy teams... if you're able to farm enough crit items, pots, etc.
Hard to predict (the enemy may engage thinking you won't crit, and you crit 3 times in a row)

Requires a large amount of Farm before he even starts being viable
Little Survivability
One CC equals death for the most part, unless you grab a Surv item (which many Crit items do not increase Surv, vs AP items). This kills your overall damage, meaning you only do two things in a team fight, fire a high damage nuke, and a wide AoE..
Unreliable damage until you have over 80% crit (Ghostblade+ IE+ Elixir of Agility, and this is about 50% before runes)

Mage Plank:
Reliable damage, it may be a smaller ratio, but I know I will always be hitting for 400 vs a chance to hit for 600 or 200...
Great staying power during the laning phase, Catalyst means you never have to leave lane, even against some extreme conditions.
Late game Surv... You're a tanky DPS late game, mitigation from items such as Lich Bane and Spirit Visage, high amounts of HP, hard to lock down
Remove Scurvy is more then a cleanse, it's a "Oh look, I just recovered a third of my life, when I have 3k life"
Can be focused and still be standing when the dust settles.
Increases both Parrrley and Ult damage with AP
Can grab Rylia's and increase enemy's time in ult, while also increasing Parrrley damage.

Lower damage
Less threatening in 1v1s
Lower damage early game until Sheen

Really, both play different roles. Check out my last few games with GP, this would be "average" Elo (as I said, I don't suggest this for ranked, I've used it twice in a 5 man premade with good results, but solo queue people will rage until they see the strengths of this build).

There's more to champions then just damage, AP items have more "utility" behind them then crit items for the most part... You have to remember, GP also has 3 abilities that scale with AP with this build, vs 1 ability that scales with AD... Raise Morale's increase to damage benefits both builds as well. Really, is it Mageplank that isn't viable, or you just like to rely on "potential" damage and not throw in all the numbers (Crit chance, HP, Life Duration in Teamfight, etc).

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Grand Pryce

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play ranked and come back and preach to me.

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Sigh... for the thousandth time lets do some simple math.

1:1 ap ratio on Q with lichbane

2.6:1 AD ratio on Q with infinity edge.

Ap is not a viable build

That would require 100% crit chance. Multiplying the crit dmg% by the crit% gives you the actual multiplier.

A lichbane on its own adds 80dmg to your Q, making it deal 188dmg at level 18.

An IE on its own adds 80 + 56(bonus crit damage) to your Q, making it deal 244dmg at level 18. The actual multiplier is 1.3 (244 Q dmg/ 188 damage).

Adding additional crit% makes the multiplier go higher.

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Blind Cougar

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Now if you're just adding numbers, IE would net a total 338 with Parrley (108 lvl 18 + 80 for IE + 150 lvl 5 Parrley)

Whereas RoA and Lichbane would hit for 418 (108 lv 18 + 80 maxed RoA + 80 Lichbane + 150 lvl 5 Parrley)

Funny enough, Sheen alone hits for 366 (108 lvl 18 + 108 Sheen proc + 150 lvl 5 Parrley)

Granted, going AD does mean you're basic attack hits harder, allowing you to take out towers faster.

Overall with the build it look like an interesting alternative for Gang.

Kicker question now that I think of it. The extra Sheen or Lichbane damage do not get factored when getting a critical correct?

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That would be correct, cougar. Sheen and Lichbane damage does not crit (as it's added after the attack).
However, AP stacking is easier then stacking Damage in general, and as I said before, most AP items have utility vs Crit/AD items (Honestly, who can't say being able to blow 30% of a target's life away isn't impressive, or the ability to become immortal for 2 seconds while you wait for your cooldowns).

Ultimately, this build should be as effective as Crit plank, I will not say it's better, but I won't say it's worse (I wouldn't be playing it if I thought the latter). Though people do mistake me as a troll often... The problem with packing smite in lane I guess.

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kokeshi doll

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mageplank was THE best way to play back when parley did magic damage
now, its still good, but 99% of people in any elo will rage at you for building him this way

I commend you for being the only person to make an in-depth mageplank guide in the last... maybe 10 months

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Bump with an Update... Build Transition (second item set/ suggested runes).
For those who can't get away from the feel of Critplank, or for those times that you go "oh hey, I just realized I'm the only Physical DPS in the group!", or "Twitch has been slain, for the third time"...
And those who love to wreck late game but hate Pirate's dreaded Early game... the core items allow for a decent amount of versatility based on your game's needs.