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user kernel being a troll

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so about 2 days after spirit guard udyr came out i decided to play a game and as i got in, the screen would skip. & whatever i had said would arrive in the chat about 3-4 seconds later. so at first i thought comcast was to blame... but later on that game it got worse and worse to the point of me running in base going nowhere and constantly reconnecting like every 20 seconds. so when i got out of the game. witch was a loss even though enemy team had no jungler... i was to blame. so as i got out i see another league app open in the dock i click it , it says user kernel not responding so i force quit it. and now every time i open it its not responding so i deleted it and TRIED to download a new client but it says aprox' 9 hours. for the first 33% which it gets stuck at btw. so now im left 'league less' its been quite sometime and ive tried many things. and also im not to good with mac so yeah... please help me out. my regards.