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Has this game been freezing since patch v.

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undercover sbz

Senior Member


Over the last couple of days this game has been freezing for me, from locking up completely, to 0 fps over a short time. The first times when this happened I found out that my CPU was overheating, and after cleaning the fan, the temperature has dropped greatly, and a full game lock-up hasn't occurred so far.

However, just now my game completely froze up just as I was doing blue buff as the jungler in a ranked match. Needless to say, it locked up, the framerate was about 1 per 10 secs, and my FreeRAM XP started running. Executed, everything locks up for a minute. I terminate firefox via ctrl+alt+del. Back in game with level 1 whilst everyone is 5, I tried hard, still we lost and I got flamed for it. Badly.

During the freeze I had firefox up with 3 tabs, one of them was buffering a video. A few of my friends have said that firefox greatly increases the chance of crashing for league of legends. Is this true? If only because of the amount of RAM it consumes, it seems league is running low on RAM with ff on.

I run WinXP SP3, Core 2 Duo E8400 3000 MHz, 2GB RAM, Radeon HD5700 series.
I doubt my teammates arguments about getting a better PC in order to play in ranked were well placed.