the new life of a tank?

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Alright, I'll admit it, I'm a bit annoyed with the HP nerfs that just occured. However, this is not a whining thread. This is my attempt at constructive feedback and discussion of how to adjust to the new patch.

First, feedback: If the HP nerf was attempting to result in more deaths, then in my case it has succeeded. However, as a main Taric player, I feel like my entire usefulness to the team has been nerfed as a result. I feel as if I am taking more damage because I have less armor, and attack runes have been buffed, and I have less survivability because i no longer have the HP I once did. in my current opinion, I feel like the attack buff and EITHER armor or HP nerf would have been enough, but only time will tell, and I am curious to know if this approach was attempted on the test realm (any thoughts if it was?)

second: How to adjust? I'm just dying a lot. Previous to this patch I died at most, 5 times a match (averaging about 35 min a match). In a good game I would die 0-1 times, normal about 3-4, and a bad game no more than 6-7. Post-patch I die at least 8 times per match. As a mid-teir player (I'm not great, but I'm no slouch either, I think, with a 50/50 record) I'm unsure how to respond to this sudden increase in deaths and consequently the amount of time I am NOT helping my team, and feeding the other team. This is really what I need help with. I'm well aware that Taric can be more than just a health tank, and I've experimented with other builds because I just really like him, and health tank is one of my favorite builds, so how to I build my health-tank again?

(previous to this my usual was to get Heart of Gold, rush Warmogs, then get whatever the situation called for, but Phage/Frozen Malet and Frozen Heart were eventual goals, I'd throw in lifesteal for good measure)