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the escorting guide general +(shaco + teemo) more to come

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In a lot of lower level games, and now mid level games ive noticed a skill that is lacking moreso than chastity among prostitutes. What might this skill be? Well good sirs and womanfolk, that would be escorting. Often times two people are laning and one pushes to far or a teamfight takes place mid, someone pushes to far mid and alas some friendlies are running back to base with their sideburns unfashionably flapping in the wind as fast as their little legs can carry them with just the tiniest bit of life left. In lower and mid level games, everybody just runs if they dont think mount some fantastic defense and slay their foes. Bad idea my friends. You don't want to leave your homeboys and homegirls out in the open, to die (think platoon). This is where you... "the escort" comes into play. You dont need to slay the enemy, you dont need to keep your health all the way up, all you need to do is make sure your allies get back to safety. I have seen so many people die pointlessly because of this, the most frequent example is the "one person runs, ganks, then gets counterganked by the enemies lanemate, only because his own lanemate didn't escort because he was afraid" situation. The ends to this mean are great in number and methods. I will start with a few broad outlines, then some specific guides for several heroes. Please if you would be so kind fellow LoLers add guides for specific characters and I shall compile them or feel free to elaborate on the subject with other tips.

Basic Ideas:

1. Numbers will help- just having more allies on the field will slowly begin to spawn fear in the enemies minds and make them reconsider their vigilant charge

2. Distract - take a bit of damage or come from sides - this will also make them more cautious, literally just do some ****, it will work, no joke

3. slow, stun, blind etc.

4. any combination of the three above

Hero Specific guides:

Shaco - shaco is the zeus among escorts, if hes comes to your rescue, have no fear. Every single one of your skills is superb for escorting. If you see someone with low health, check how many enemies are pursuing.

1 enemy - immediately two shiv throw at them - this buys your friends some time to run, while the enemy is slowed, then run up and attk, decieve out once our friend is safe and you are low on health or just kill if you can, if you are a really pro shaco deceive into the fight, though this leaves you vulnerable for escape till deceives cd come off (hallucinate if you think you can gank)

2 enemies, deceive in if you are good enough of close to a safe point immediately two shiv the faster or more dangerous enemy, pop jitb, use hallucinate if need be to survive or gank, run once your ally is safe or you are low on hp (tip: if you are persay in the middle lane, where you can port over the wall and be safe and you popped your clone, alt order him to stand there and die to do some dmg and distract)

3 enemies, pop hallucinate before going in(if you have it) deceive in, two shiv (throw or melee depending on how good you are and whether deceive ie ready or not ,pop jitb, and run once ally is safe or you are low on hp (you can still do this without your clone, but its way more dangerous)

4-5 enemies - same as 3 enemies though you want to be way more cautious with your deceive ONLY GO IN IF YOU ARE PRO

static escort - this often happens when enemies are pushing your base or a tower and its way to dangerous for you to go in, pop jitb or hallucinate or both and go as far up to the battle where you ally is fleeing, send your clone in to distract and two shiv, then deceive back immediately once it gets to dangerous ONLY GO IN IF YOU ARE A PRO

last tip - if the enemies are spread out and you are really good or dont mind dying (ittl save multiple allies or something) jitb melee the first(this will fear), hallucinate alt order your clone to the mid enemy and deceive back to the first or further in to slow the last enemy (side note: where the enemies are in respect to first, mid and further might vary, for example if could be sideways - what im trying to say is picture a line from the first enemy to the last, it could be in any facing or direction it would not necessarily need to be from top to bottom)

Teemo: Teemo is absurdly fast, can blind and has shrooms that slow, thus, he is an ultra pimp in the pimpin society of escorts

1 enemy pursuing: just pop blind immediatly and gank or retread as needed, if the enemy doesnt back down, pop a shroom

any other amount of enemies: you might want to pop shroom first, then blind, or just do the same as above

tip: I haven't played teemo in a bit, but if i remember correctly, if its mainly melee enemies, you can run in a bit further, pop a shroom, they will get slowed, your natrual move speed will carry out out, then pop your movement speed ability and you should get away no matter what

Any input to the guide, criticisms, hero specific or general points are appreciated.