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Any other corki's out there

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Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm still going armor penetration runes/Gatling gun way with Mana regen runes as well. My item build is usually philosopher stone, berserker's boots, then building up to a triforce with sheen first, then black cleave. Usually I don't get to finish black cleave but if I did I would go for warmog/frozen mallet.

My question is, should I go for Infinity Edge right after trinity? I been seeing a lot of other corki's doing it.

Thanks in advance

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-----------I typed all of this and didn't realize I hadn't answered your question...I would go no on infinity edge, but that's just me, other items might help you more, but it's all based on who you're playing against--------

I used to do a similar build, it went something like this ---

Berserker boots
last whisper
and last was black cleaver

Goin straight into buildin trinity left me with lots of survivability issues between levels 4-7, very fragile glass cannon. Which became my issue with triforce in general, great item for corki... but.... leaves things to be desired. Mana though wasn't an issue with this build suprisingly... keep a mana potion on you and its cool, which negated a need for philo stone (I was also makin decent cash when not soloing mid, due to ganks).

My revamped build looked like this ---

Malady (dagger as starting in case you want to switch to berserker boots as first item)
berserker boots
BC (once I gets this.... it's kinda awesome the carnage that can and will ensue)

Tons of auto attack damage and gatling gun becomes monsterous. Only early level mana issues. Slightly Noob-esque in build, just layering on DPS and demo'ing everything in sight. (tanks are easy kills with this build).

With the newest patch that happened today, mana will be an issue for corki, I was thinking about a...

-Chalice (roughly 200g cheaper then philo stone, negating the cash flow from stone, +magic resist which is HUGE)
-Ber boots
-Malady (making it necessary to attack everything, but corki's all about that, + attack speed, and kinda negates health regen from philo stone)
-Lich bane ( 80 ap? 350 mana? 32 magic res? +7movement speed? Perfect corki weapon, for a more AP corki approach)
-Black cleaver (Just too make sure everyones dead)

Untested build, haven't played Corki in a few days, and mind you if you're a good corki, the items you buy obviously have to be stylized against who you are playing against (last whisper + BC if other side has some serious melee power) As usual, no stuns or slows unless you want to invest in a mallet or rylais(rylai can be swapped for lichbane, but lichbane is just too sexy to resist).

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Hey thanks, I just tried this in a game, it worked pretty well, but the damage output seemed a little lower then expected. The only person that gave me a hard time was nasus, go figure lol.

*I'm sure the items aren't perfect but along the lines its ideal