@Riot In hopes of finding official specs and images on Zigg's bombs!

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Puff Panda Flex

Master Recruiter


I'm a terrified summoner at calling upon such hugely inspiring Rioters such as @Meddler @IronStylus @RiotRunaan @Harrow but I've searched far and wide for official Riot images of Zigg's bombs and have come up short.

I'm trying to find an uber detailed image, concept art, or engineered blueprint of those bad boys (official specification of course) so I may use it for a tattoo and some 3d laser cutting.

I love fan art but for this I wanted to have the real deal from the guys who put so much love into making my favorite champion also because I want to make sure I get it right! Hope you can help me out.

May there always be another BLAST! Much appreciation and support from an aspiring artist and riot team member!

-Puff Panda Flex