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[Guide] Trydamere, Spinning on faces since 1989

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Item(s) 1: Boots + 3 Health Potions
Item(s) 2: If you can, Berserker Greaves
Item(s) 3: Executioner's Calling
Item(s) 4: Zeal
Item(s) 5: Sword of Occult
Item(s) 6: Phantom Dancer
Item(s) 7: Avarice Blade, Last Whisper or Infinity Edge, you chose.
I usually buy the Avarice Blade first, then IE and finally sell the Blade to buy a Last Whisper (if the game is not over by then).

I just started filling my Rune Page with Tier 3 crit damage runes, since I could also use this book for Shaco e.e . I sadly only have 15% more crit damage, since I wasted all my IP on Kat, AP and CD reduction runes (I had about 12k IP..).

At level 1, I choose W, Mocking Shout
my reason is that at this point, you shouldn't expect to be killing champions unless you have a high hitting champion with Exhaust with you, then Mocking Shout comes in handy, or even Spinning Slash.

By level 5, I usually have 3 points into Blood Lust, 1 point into Mocking Shout and 1 point into Spinning Slash., however you want to play after this is up to you.

I won't go into further detail because I know I'll be getting flamed by people if I keep posting, this build just happened to work for me almost every game.

Oh yeah, get Cleanse and Ghost/Teleport (even with the new patch, just get it).

Now, I don't mean to sound cocky with Tryndamere, since he did get revamped in the last patch, but I just felt like sharing my item build. I am just human, I have good games, bad games, ok games, amazing games and games where afterwards I feel like contemplating suicide.