Skarner, I miss your kind

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If we were going to rework him, why not just completely rework it?

Mana source: GONE

Skarner now has a resource called Crystal Energy that he stores up while attacking and using his abilities. Some of his abilities have additional effects when using the crystal energy. Energy gained is doubled vs champions.

Passive: Same

Crystal Slash

Skarner lashes out and deals physical damage to enemies around him, gathering additional crystal energy for each enemy hit.

As long as Skarner has at least 50pnt of Crystal energy, Crystal Slash instead of gathering extra Crystal Energy does addition magic damage and Slows all enemies hit.

Crystal Exoskeleton

Passive: Grants Skarner bonus armor and magic resist.

Active: Skarner gains a significant boost to speed for 6 seconds and can move through enemy units. While active, he regenerates X% of his missing health per second.

If Skarner spends 50 Crystal Energy when activating this ability, he gains a small shield and the bonus armor and magic resist are doubled.


Skarner shoots a blast of Crystal Energy that damages all enemies in a line. All enemies hit are marked for 8 seconds. If skarner deals damage to a marked target, the mark is consumed and deals an additional X% of the targets current health as bonus magic damage.

If skarner spends 50 points of Crystal Energy, the range and width of this attack is increased and the X% bonus damage is increased if skarner hits a marked target.

Impale (Passive/Active)

Passive: Increase Skarner's maximum crystal energy by 50 per rank.

Skarner suppresses his target and can drag him around. The target takes damage when grabbed and then again after 1.75 seconds.

If Skarner spends 50 points of Crystal Energy, the drag lasts for 2 seconds and the secondary damage is AOE.

If skarner does not drag his opponent, he may still auto attack the grabbed target.

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I haven't seen a post that thinks this rework helped Skarner at all in months, and yet they roll it out.

This was my favorite champ, and this nerf might be just the excuse I needed to bump me into retiring from this game after 3 years.

What a waste... Skarner was so fun before...

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Limbo Pete

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Originally Posted by RiotScruffy View Post
Hey All,
Iím going to be doing some Skarner work and right here is one of the best places to start. There has been a great thread in the Champion Feedback forum (shoutout to Irish Red Cap) with a lot of good discussion on how people are feeling about Skarnerís current state.

So Iíve been doing some digging and unfortunately, poor Skarner is being picked 80% less this year than he was last year. Some of this might be from some nerfs he has received, but it may also be because newer champs are outclassing him in what he does best. Either way, I think we all agree that Skarner could benefit from a few improvements to make him more fun/viable for both Skarner players and their opponents. Keep in mind, the goal here is not "make Skarner OP." There will always have to be strengths and weaknesses to all champions.

Before we get to any of the potential changes, we need to figure out what Skarnerís strengths and weaknesses are right now. I have a few questions for you all, and you can answer these as a SKarner player or even as someone who only has experience playing against Skarner.

ē What are the most fun aspects of playing Skarner?
ē What are the most frustrating/unfun aspects of playing Skarner?
ē What are the most frustrating aspects of playing against Skarner?
ē Are there champions that do Skarnerís job better than he does? Why?

I have my own personal answers to these questions, but I may be only seeing one side of the coin. There are some Skarner players out there with wayyy more experience that I have, and I think there is a lot of valuable information that I may be missing. I have a feeling that once we get talking, we will come to some very useful conclusions. GOGOGO


Look, Scruffy. Look at what you wrote. You put it down, for all to see.
You clearly stated concers with how FUN Skarner is (was) to play.... and have completely undone the fun niche that he occupied. His kit is homogenous and boring now. People are arguing that is ok because it makes it work (???) better (which it doesn't) but it is ABSOLUTELY less fun to play. I played Skarner to chase people, not hope that my ranged skill shot would land and give me some dim hope of completeing a gank. The skillshot is boring, man. Of all the problems I have with this "rewrok", and there are many, I seriously don't have any fun playing with the changed kit- and I played hundreds of Skarner games last season.

You definitely only looked at one side of the coin, man. Ya'll are so hell bent on providing "counterplay", which he already had plenty of, that you eliminated the whole reason why people even played him.

Please, hear me:


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Rework follow up discussion thread:

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Khell DarkWolf

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R.I.P. Skarner

I miss your kind

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.94% pick rate.

And still not being talked about.

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lxl RockBall lxl

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Actually he is in a good spot but I feel some useless his E, the damage is "non existant".