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Skarner, I miss your kind

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We will hear back from the reds regarding any and all changes to Skarner soon™.

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i really dont get why people seem to be so up in arms about this rework/ i personally think it is fantastick short of a few numbers. i picked up scarner near the beginning of season 2 and played him almost exclusivly until his season 3 smack down. i stil will pick him up on occation but he seems far to feast or famin for a jungler.

Q changes

i think these are perfect for the little scorpion. all i gear is tock aout skarners "iconic" perma slow. yes on of his major abilities on live is the abilitie to make it so no one could ever escape you once you landed your slow but people seem to be missing the fact that its actully far better now. Grab an ice born to give him a perma slow on his Q again, and then due to his new ranged slow if people blink or dash away you have a better speed buff and a new RANGED slow to allow you to get back into perma slow range

W changes

I really like the derection but fear for some of the numbers. i feel like its still beter that live to have all thes changes implamented but i feel like this skill may need a buff.

Skarners bigges issue on live right now is how easy it is to kite him with anyone and with all the ADC's with grate self peel, like blue ez and Quinn, Skarner has no way of ulting the high prioritie targets. the larger speed buff and lerge shield amoint are exactly how to fix this. sure its nothing like malphite or zac but it is the best you can get for the scorpion's kit

E changes

I think i am most satisfied by the changes on this ability. the heal befor was so small and such a mana dain that no one ever used it. it was the most usless ability ever and i personally would never touch it till i had to choice.

With the new ranged slow aspect to it I feel like it sinrgizes with scarners kit amazingly. before this the only thing you had that let you catch people was your ability to move fast. now not only do you move faster but you can throw out a ranged slow so you can get the close enough to perma slow with iceborn. the mana drop is fantastic too, allowing you to potentialy use it to help your clear time.

R changes.


all in all i feel like this will be a definit play style change but i feel like its for the better. sure now you need to use 3 abilits to get your AA speed, move speed, slow and dmg, but because of this they can now rase the base effectivness of each one indavidually and make them stronger without consaquently makeing any of the other factors stronger. And now that the desired abilites are spred out over all of Skarners spells as apposed to ignoring E like before they should be able to them all stronger in the long run due to points being more scarse in the earlier lvls.


the main things i am worried about are the numbers at this point. I cant really speak truly to them though due to the inabilite to use the new scarner.if i could get a response about some of these concerns to get Scruffies oppinion on the in game feel for them id be a happy camper What makes me nervous is the AA speed stariod, the move speed, and the mana costs.

the AA speed is something im conflicted on. with the 1% base stat redux, and the halving of the base value from its original 50% on the sheild its sounds like a nerf untill you look deaper. i guess its been too long since i have played Skarner but during a champ on champ brawl, due to the increase on the CD redux passive vs champs your sheild should be up a good amount. now with the AA speed cut in half to keep its power at the same lvl your sheild would have had to be up for give or take half the battle. that seems like more than is possible given the longer CD on live. and now due to the inablitie to loose it poeple can't save abilities to nuke your shield as soon as you use it to get rid of your AA speed. but my biggest issue is how long it takes to max it out in team fights. by the time you get max stacks in team fights, the are over. so on one side it seems low but once looked at in depth it seems fine with small flaws, hence my confliction.

The move speed is something that really does seem low. with a max of 40% (given, that is pretty fast) i feel like its just not quite fast enough for an ablitie with a long CD and a counter play of braking his shield. Udyr has a 35% move speed buff that, with a little CDR, is unending, has no attached shield to brake, and has no ramp up time. i know you cant really compare numbers with other champs with that diffferent a skill set but its still my consern. is it really fast enough to get into the other team when used properly? does it allow you to properly start team fights? or is team fight initiation going to be his biggest issue still withought burning flash to get in for the ult.

and finally he mana. not a big issue just im wondering if they where lowered enough. i know one of the goals was to help him be a little less blue dependent but did it work? how is he without blue now? can he jungle with good clear time? does one gank burn all his mana due to the need for all his ablities now? can you maybe get enough mana regen for something like philo and spirit stone to make his jungle blueless after a point?

all in all im so glad with everything you are doing scruffy, thank you so much.

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I would love for Skarner to be viable again

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Xx Tansky xX

Junior Member


I'm a bronze player, so bear with me here. I love to play MS Skarner, it's the best feeling in LoL. I really want some input on this. Here's my unprofessional opinion on Skarner right now.

My standard build: Speed boots w/ Alacrity, Triforce, Zephyr, Shurelyas, Twin Shadows, Statikk Shiv

Q: Feels great to use when you have attack speed items and a little bit of CDR since you're constantly jamming the Q and doing great amounts of damage in a duel. Plus by the time I actually need to use it, it costs almost no mana. I have no complaints about this skill. I usually play Skarner top lane so I don't start this skill, it isn't very good in lane (coming from a bronzer). I honestly didn't even know it had a slow attached to it, if it's gone I won't even notice. Adding attack speed buff based on enemies hit is cool, but what if there's only 1 enemy around? (Is it stacked on a per enemy basis?) Seems like I would prefer it kept on his W for more consistent AS buffs. But it makes sense that you're not going to need the attack speed until you're in melee range anyways so it'll probably work fine.

W: Shield doesn't really do anything at any level since I don't add much AP to Skarner. I hardly notice it ever blocking damage. I only use this skill for the MS and AS buff. With a crazy amount of base movespeed in my build it just makes it even crazier. Nobody escapes Skarner. Moving the AS buff away from this skill seems trivial, it probably wont make a difference in the way I play Skarner.

E: This skill rocks my world. Bronze lane Skarner maxes this skill first because fighting anybody early with any other skills makes Skarner die. So I refuse to fight and farm safely with this skill. The heal makes it a great sustain and helps get the double golems early without losing too much hp. The damage isn't half bad either - it's easy enough to last hit with. Taking the heal away? That's gonna cost bad Skarner players like me. Now if I want to take double golems early I need a point in shield AND in another skill and waste even more mana. I really enjoyed the heal mechanic because it helps outside of combat. Please don't take it away! Adding a slow to this skill is a buff I guess since I didn't even know he had one before, but I guess it works since he doesn't really have a gap closer. Range increase doesn't seem needed (he's melee, I'm glad he at least has a ranged skill to begin with). Width decrease won't matter much. Why the missile speed decrease?

R: Best skill in the game hands down. I love dragging people into towers. Consistency changes seem needed, that's no problem. Cooldown was a little long if you just happened to not be attacking anything for a while. A little decrease in CD would be appreciated, but nothing major. The CC is great but sometimes it's still hard to drag people around and if you're dragging them you're not really doing any damage so it seems like it could use a little damage boost but nothing ridiculous.

I'm a bronzer so I don't know much, but Skarner seems like he's in an alright place right now as an individual champ. Compared to other top/mid/jungle champions though he just doesn't do any job as well as any of them. He has no hard CC outside of ulti and most tops do. He can't really jungle gank pre 6 the same way Warwick can't either. The problem is that he's so fun to play the way he is but drastically changing his skills so that they compete with other objectively "better" champs for that role would just make him another CC-gap closer-%dmg clone. His skills are fine for the most part, they just need slight buffs to remain competitive. I realize I have not included any real suggestions, I just wanted to voice my opinion on the matter. I also realize that I'm a bronze nub but I mean, bronzers make up the majority of players no? We matter too!

Most fun: Using ulti, running around faster than anyone, and when people underestimate Q's dmg with a little attack speed.

Most frustrating playing: Playing him jungle or top and knowing that you're fighting an uphill battle since other champs play those roles much better.

Most frustrating playing against: No answer. He never gets picked.

Better champs:

Top - Elise (ranged, has stun, %dmg + execution, escape/gap closer), Jax (has stun, dodge, gap closer/escape, also has AS and resistances buff that are competitive to Skarner's), Kha'zix (gap closer, AA's better, ranged harass, sustain, invisible escapes/engages), Kayle (her Q obviously), Darius + Fiora + Panth + Riven (all duel better).

Jungle - Elise (she's just better in every way hands down except for long chases), Warwick (better sustain, duels better, ganks better pre 6), Xin (more CC, gap closer, has knockback+knockup+slow+heal+armor pen+AS buff), Hecarim (better sustain that does dmg, his MS buff does dmg, Skarner's constant slow vs. Hec's constant q-dmg, hard CC ulti that is gapcloser, ganks better pre 6).

*I'd probably put him on the level of old Udyr, just less useless, but not quite useful enough.

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Junior Member


• What are the most fun aspects of playing Skarner?

Being able to hook their carry, drag them to your team, and watch them get shredded. OR chasing them down and slicing them to pieces with your Q, then healing off the minion wave.

• What are the most frustrating/unfun aspects of playing Skarner?

The fact that every... champion... has... a... gapcloser/escape...

• What are the most frustrating aspects of playing against Skarner?

Right now? I wouldn't know. I've never seen anyone other than myself play Skarner.

• Are there champions that do Skarner’s job better than he does? Why?

Some would argue that Blitzcrank could do Skarner's job better, and they'd be right. Skarner's pull, requires being next to the target, and it is only effective if Skarner can get BACK to his team (or as disabling a high-damage target for 1.75 seconds). However blitzcrank's pull, requires he hit an easy skillshot, and it pulls the target right to him. AND Blitzcranks does about the same damage as skarner's.

If you were to ask me what I'd change about Skarner here's what I'd say:

1: Make his Q scale off JUST AP, not both AD and AP, just AP.
2: Increase the amount he heals, or lessen how much is removed per activation.
3: Increase the damage, range and/or duration of his ultimate. Because right now, in this League of Gapclosers/Escapes, Skarner's ultimate isn't that helpful.

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Flash ulting is very fun.

Ult getting canceled cause someone flashed at the same time is bogus.

Why can't we ult then flash over walls now since we lost the guaranteed ult? I would love to have the option of ulting the enemy jungler and flashing over the back pit wall. Or ult the enemy mid and flash over a wall.

His E is useless.

Sumary: Make E useful, let me flash while having a target ulted.

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With all of the reworks appearing on PBE, I can only hope to see Skarner join the Party, preferably with a Battlecast Skin.

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Senior Member


Just saw the numbers on Jinx... Skarners kit feels really weak in comparison... Sigh*

At this juncture, I hope whatever happens to my favorite champ is good... REALLY good...

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i still cant belive they wanna remove the slow on Q which was fun-essential on skarner...

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When do you think those Skarner changes will make it on PBE?
Also, can you post the changes so far on the first page of this thread? So people won't need to dig deep into all these posts to see the changes.

Thanks =]