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@Lyte - Player Behavior, Matchmaking, and Life as a Scientist

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Lady Rose



will there be any update on champion select/role select? Its been months and still not a word on what will be happening in season 4. You also said this "We can't wait to talk to players about our plans for Champion Select; to be honest, the entire player behavior team is excited because they want to use it and play with it in game." Are there no details on what will be presented for champ select/ role select in s4?

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I have a tiny, likely rarely to be used suggestion that may save a lot of grief.

You know how your reason for not wanting to give loss forgiven or option to leave without penalty to 4v5 games because you're afraid people would bully the worst player into leaving?

How about take that, but apply it to games with TWO players who are missing? What are the chances that 3 players will intentionally try to bully 2 players into leaving the game in order to dodge a loss?

As for why it rarely comes up, well 3v5's are relatively rare. Unlike 4v5's which are practically once or twice a day, 3v5's only comes once a month for most. But despite being rare, they still stick in your mind. Especially when your enemy of 5 spends the rest of the match gloating while spamming the taunt and laugh emotes.

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Junior Member


Just wanna ask, is there any chance of lifting perma bans and leave the accounts chat-banned forever or like for year?

And yes 2 years ago i got permabanned and i think i suffered enough, ive never been banned since then.