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INSANE LAG in mac client

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Very recently, perhaps with the launching of 3.9, I have been experiencing some very frustrating issues. My ping is literally flawless and I never have connection issues with any other programs/devices, however randomly in the middle of games, my connection drops and I am unable to play, often times for the remainder of the game. Tonight I was playing a 3v3 with my two friends, one on a mac, one on a pc. We were all playing on the EXACT SAME network, yet both my friend and I (playing on macs) were experiencing ridiculous lag rendering both our champions useless. My other friend, however, experienced no lag whatsoever. I contacted the riot support email with hopes of receiving a helpful response, but all I was told was to troubleshoot my connection. This horrific issue with the mac client is being avoided (on every forum post I have gone through detailing similar symptoms) and I am super disappointed. The random nature of this bug makes every game a gamble.