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[Guide] Gankplank the Stealth Counter

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Tetrall Mors

Senior Member


This is a basic guide on countering stealth players. It's not intended to be a complete guide but I'll cover some of the basics anyways, because I feel like... no other reason.

So - I was eating some mutton the other day that I had stolen off of a reciently pillaged merchant ship when I noticed a small rat attempting to steal some of the cheese out of the galley. I gave him the a taste of the old parrley and had the cabin boy toss him into the gruel for the slaves.

It got my old ticker ah pondering how I might deal with rats of the uncommon variety. After a week of dealing with a certain overgrown rat using a manora-like crossbow, I had just about heard enough of my ship mates screaming about his overpowered nature. So I got out a hollowed jester knuckle bone, dipped it in some vampire woman blood and started to write out a few orders on a piece of mole hide.

First things first matey! You need to know what yer up against, if you intend to get the last joke in on the jester, kill yourself a sewer rat, or parrley a women with hair like a troll.

First off, ratting. Now - if you smell a rat, chances are it's twitch. He's a large fat rat most known to stomp in lower tiered games. Some call him the mole, the gay rat, and many more colorful profain names. I'll simply refer to him, in this guide as "FFTH" Food For the Hungry".

The most important thing to know about the rat is, he's a squishy little rodent with no natural escape mechanisms... other than his annoying ability to go under the water like a shark before it strikes. Aye - but with the right set o' specticals, you can see through his silly attempt to gank you. Now - as Gangplank you'll want to be farming up heavily - but if ol' twitch has taken the field, you should consider buy a good old potion from the local oracle. I'm not saying you should buy it immediately, usually around level five or six after you have a pair of swiftness shoes and an aravice blade...

now - for summoner spells, I suggest teleport and smite... or perhaps good old fashion exaust. It's an exceptional control mechanism against any of those dastardly stealthers and is especially deadly when combined with old gankplanks crit chance.

So - after you get the elixer head on down to the lane you expect him to most likely to attempt a gank on. Arrr, now push that ol' turret like the noob your pretendin' to be and be ready with yer exaust. Keep your mini-map in sight because you only want twitch to come ah visiting. Ideally - you'll get six about this point and ol twitch will start creeping out of the bushes all stealthy. At this point, get ready because your about to get a free kill... wait until he's a few paces away, then close the gap and swat at him... make it look like your trying to run past him or something like that, then PARRLEY!

Any twitch worth his beans has a back-up plan, most likely heal or flash... if he does, he'll burn it, unless your able to burn him down first... in all likelyhood, you will be able too. As soon as you parrley follow up with exaust... remember you parrleyed him at point blank range and immediately began attacking... oh and you also raised moral on one of your minions so your attacking faster. ARRR being a pirate is grand.

At this point you should have netted your first kill on the rat. Twitch players in general have an ego the size of blackbeard's galleon and will attempt to organize a gank on you to try and get rid of that oracle. This is what you want... The pirate can/should be able to escape ALMOST any gank situation... especially if you start stacking more speed gear, I've literally outran a master yi in highlander going stacking trinity force and phantom dancer... arrrrh them seaman's legs really give ye the advantage!

Now - with their team attempting to gank you, this allows your allies a chance to push, farm, or counter gank... anytime that rat attempts to forget your around make sure you have your cannon barrage ready to unload on his head. Tis a fine day in twitches land when he's attempting to gank a chogath and cannon balls start to fall like rain drops around his head. Anytime he appears be ready to teleport in on top of him, the first time he will most likely grin at his keyboard and lick his lips... stealing up for a free kill... right up until you parrley him out of stealth and beginning beating him like a fat old midwife with a broom.

The most important thing with twitch is to get the jump on him... if your running away and he gets a few free hits in, your doomed... but if you initiate, if you come in behind him while he's attempting a gank and parrley him... if you disrupt his game, he won't be able to handle it... rarely do I run into a twitch player who can handle not being able to kill the annoying pirate who keeps appearing JUST when he's about to get a kill.

If he starts preying on a weak player, be there in the bushes waiting to ambush him. If he starts trying to kill towers, get in behind the one he might try next... ult him, chase him down and kill him... and watch to make sure he's not trying to bait you... if you happen to get trinity force, swiftness, and phantom dancer you should be fast enough to avoid being ganked and still scare him off.

Yarr - I'll fill ya in another day, my mate just got in with a batch of fresh grog and I need to go soak my sword.


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Senior Member


I do not even know what to say....

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I loved the presentation of this guide, but I simply can't play Gangplank well at all, anyone able to confirm if this works?

The presentation, again, was excellent and kept me reading the whole thing rather than skipping to the juicy bits like I do with other guides.