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Trundle, the Cursed Troll Champion Spotlight

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similar to Singed? I don't see the similarities. Maybe in terms of weird utility.

This spotlight was pretty streamlined, the presentation is much better.
It also looks like you took the advice from the SlyGoat thread (ganking at < 200 hp) and made this one more friendly towards new players. Most of us already know about resetting the autoattack timer, but it was good to give a quick line to explain it.

Lastly: **** me, is he hardcore dancing?

Sue me, I misheard him. If you are playing Singed as a DPS, though, then you are doing it wrong. There are a lot of tank/DPS characters to compare him to, Singed doesn't strike me as the best example of the meta.

indeed i dont see any similarities... if u say singed is " Tanky " then ure trolling. singed is one of the best tanks ingame. infact his ultimate shoud be called " OMG" wen Thrundle 's ultimate shoud be called " PHEW"

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I have mixed feelings for Trundle. Sometimes I feel like he is unkillable due to his abilities. I personally have yet to play him myself, but soon enough.

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