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[Guide] Sivir, melting creeps one wave at a time.

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-I've decided to at least give writing a guide a try, and it's my first. Most of my games were either in the solo queue, with some experience playing with arranged teams on Vent. By no means am I an 'expert' player, I've had my share of excellent games, and share of games where I feel like I went completely stupid. I figure I'd at least bring the insight of a decent player to the light of others playing with one of my favorite Champions.

Questions, comments, insight from High ELO players, as well as alternate views and builds are welcome and highly appreciated. Mostly this is a guide for people being introduced to Sivir as a Champion, as well as looking to improve playing as her.

Sivir was one of the Champions I just decided to try out of the blue after getting the IP to buy her. I was coming off of playing Master Yi and felt a Support character would be one of my better choices. Little did I know I found one of my favorites for harassing, farming and overally pushing your team towards the victory message.

[Sivir's Skills]

Passive - Fleet of Foot : Increases Sivir's Dodge Chance by 10/15/20/25% while moving

Self explanitory. While Sivir is in her moving animation, her dodge chance is increased. A good way to avoid some incoming auto-attacks from that incoming harasser while you set up your attacks a little better. To put it simply, keeping on the move increases your survivability.

[Q] - Boomerang Blade (9 Second Cooldown) {80/95/110/125/140 Mana} : Sivir hurls her Crossblade like a Boomerang, dealing 75/125/175/225/275 (+0.75 to 1 AP Ratio) Magic Damage to each unit it hits. Boomerang Blade deals 10% reduced damage with each target hit (40% Minimum).

This skill is your only real 'Attack' skill, and is usually the skill you want to take first. It DOES use a lot of Mana up, and usually your mana is precious due to the low Mana Regen, but it serves an important purpose : harassing the opponents in your lane. During the early game, harassment of your enemies is very important, if they have to [b] and don't have teleport, you just gain an early advantage, which will be explained in further detail in the guide. Time your attack with it so that it hits multiple enemies, preferribly the enemy champions, and strikes them twice.

[W] - Ricochet (Toggle) {6 Mana per Attack} : Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to 1/2/3/4/5 additional targets, dealing 22% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit will proc item effects)

The skill that changes Sivir from a lackluster support into a major nuisance. Skillful use of Ricochet will result in the melting of creep wave after creep wave, along with lots of gold to build up your much needed equipment. It's also a useful skill to harass enemy champions, possibly knocking them into a Boomerang Blade's KO range.

[E] - Spell Shield (28/24/20/16/12 Second Cooldown) {75 Mana} : Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ABILITY used on Sivir. Spell Shield restores 150 Mana on a successful skill block. Lasts up to 3 seconds.

Note the bolded work ABILITY. That's right, Spell Shield isn't limited to blocking spellcaster's nukes, but to any incoming skill that would be potentially harmful to Sivir's health. That Shaco using Two-Shiv and you see it coming? Block it. Ashe's Arrow? No problem. Even something like an opposing Sivir's Boomerang, Cho'gath's Rupture or an Alistar's Pulverize? Blocks it just fine. The mana return makes the shield pay for itself, keeping you in the lane longer and increasing your longevity.

[R] - On the Hunt (90 Second Cooldown) {100 Mana} : Grants Sivir and nearby allies 35% additional movement speed and 25/50/75% additional Attack Speed (half for allies) for 15 Seconds.

Sivir's main support use. Using this gives all your allies on your screen (at least on my screen, 1,200 cell range) a movement and attack speed buff for 15 seconds. This turns your team battles into "Let's chase and destroy them all" battles, or can be the deciding factor of you getting away with your life intact. With a rather low cooldown on it, you're almost guaranteed to have it up and ready to support your team during team skirmishes. Early on, it helps for you (or you and your lane partner) to melt towers into rubble.

[Sivir's Masteries]

-Please note these are at least a personal preference for me, as well as a basis upon my build in a sense. Your results may vary.-

Offensive Tree Build:

[Offensive Tree]
[3] Deadliness (Increases Crit Chance by 2%)
[1] Filler (Usually Summoner Skill)
[4] Alacrity (Increases Attack Speed by 4%)
[2] Offensive Mastery (Deals 4 more damage to Creeps)
[2] Sunder (Physical Attack pierce 4 Armor)
[3] Brute Force (Attack Damage +3)
[1] Sunder (4->6 Maxed)
[3] Lethality (Increases Crit Damage by 10%)
[1] Filler (Usually Summoner Skill)
[1] Havoc (Increases Physical / Magical Damage by 5%)

[Utility Tree]
[3] Good Hands (10% Less Death Timer)
[1] Spatial Accuracy, Preseverence or Haste (Personal Choice, filler)
[4] Awareness (Increases EXP gain by 5%)
[1] Filler

This build of the masteries gives you more damage output with Sivir, making her a significant threat to your opponents. Increasing your damage makes melting creeps easier, which results in more gold in your pocket, which makes it better for being offensive along with your team.

[Sivir's Summoner Spells]

-Once again, your results may vary, it's mostly my opinions on the spells and the usefulness they bring Sivir-

[Spell Usefulness and Benefits]

[Highly Recommended]

Flash : Ah Flash, people still use it after the nerf and it still proves useful for getting away from tight situations and closing in on potential kills.

Teleport : Pushing multiple lanes at the same time? Little to no downtime in the lane when shopping? Ability to assist your party from virtually anywhere? Grade A choice for those that love to assist and grow fatter and faster then anyone in the team.

Rally : Considering you're primarily a support, increasing your allies damage and healing early in a lane can be a VERY useful advantage. Also helps around Mid-Game if you decide to jungle, making it so you could take golem/lizard/dragon earlier and support your team through a different means.

Exhaust : Giving yourself a sense of Crowd Control gives you an advantage over any AD hero, and can prevent that low life enemy from leaving the party and surviving.

[Moderately Recommended]

Fortify : Being a support, the longer you stay alive, the longer your teammates stay alive. Fortify helps you keep your turrets at a healthy level, and if you lane with a teammate that likes to pop enemies by the turret to get murdered, you can pop the Fortify to make their death an assurance instead of a possibility.

Clarity : A decent choice if you're laning with a mana dependent character, or you don't want to purchase Chalice.

Cleanse : If you're going on the lanes, this might be a better choice in the long run, to avoid those nasty CCs that would have spelt your demise.

Smite : Easier time clearing your lanes and making sure you last-hit, along with allowing for early jungling if you need some quick EXP / Gold and a buff early game.

[Not Recommended]

Revive : Seriously, who uses Revive anymore? Late Game, if your team gets Aced, and you Revive, it's 1v5, and you don't have the power to slaughter entire teams.

Heal : Explained later in the build, you're gonna be stacking some Lifesteal, so Heal becomes a moot point for how little it heals. You're better off buying Health Pots.

Clairvoyance : Probably better suited on someone that needs the insight of your opponent's location.

Ignite : Even if you're not looking for kills, this skill is better used on others that specialize in making kills. Possibly if you're going mid, but even then, there are better choices.

After testing and the patches, I found Exhaust / Rally to be a great combination.

[Sivir's Runes]

Marks: Armor Penetration
Seals : Dodge / Attack Speed
Glyphs : Cooldown Reduction
Quintessences : Armor Penetration / Attack Speed

[Skill Build by Level]

Lv1:Boomerang Blade
Lv2:Spell Shield
Lv3:Boomerang Blade
Lv5:Boomerang Blade
Lv6:On The Hunt

From there, usually priorities go On The Hunt > Boomerang Blade > Ricochet > Spell Shield. Results may vary per game.

This skill build helps promote the strong pushing early game, giving you a great farming ability and HIGH damage if you manage to nick your opponent with the Blade. Mana problems can arise, but usually with good use of Spell Shield and having Chalice, you won't need to worry about it.

[Item Builds]

[Aura Build]

Meki + 2 Health Pots
Chalice of Harmony
Stark's Fervor
Aegis of Legion

Ah, the Aura Build, everyone's favorite Sivir and my personal choice. Nothing ends a game quicker and helps the team more. You'd be probably best off going solo Mid to obtain this, because if done well, you can end the game before they can surrender. After Aegis, the items are up to you. Most will go for more Attack Damage (Bloodthirster, IE, etc.) to push turrets harder, but if you're having a bad game, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart can help keep the damage off you while you push.

[DPS Build]

Meki + 2 Health Pots
Frozen Mallet
Phantom Dancer

This takes Sivir into a whole new direction, being able to pump out more damage then the Aura Sivir and put herself into the 'Carry' position. Even if her damage isn't the greatest, when you Ricochet your opponent's team into the ground along with your team, I don't think they will be talking much. Core items are displayed, from there is up to the game (obviously, buy in parts).

[Extended Push Sivir]

Meki + 2 Health Pots
Berserker Greaves
Vamp Scepter
B.F. Sword
Banshee's Veil
Last Whisper

Now this build, I've seen used a couple times, and it's a very annoying build. Sivir -isn't- a tank, but when your opponent has auto-attacking Champs (Yi, Sivir, Ashe, etc.) that sit at the tower and plink at you with little auto-attacks while you try and push the tower. this build gives you resistances both ways, and for the auto-attackers, the ability to damage THEM while they try and stop you. Doesn't always work, but is a good way to dedicate yourself to pushing,

[Some Basic Tips]

-Always support your team and teammates, whether through pushing creeps or using your Ult. Buffing your team is what gives you and everyone else the edge against your opponents.

-Ricochet can bounce off of towers / inhibitors. While early game this is a little dangerous to do because if you nick a Champion with Ricochet, the tower will aim for you, if you know that no enemy Champion is there, feel free to Ricochet away at the oncoming Creep Wave. It essentially gives you a catalyst to farm the creeps before they get to your wave attacking the tower.

-Time your Spell Shield right as the ability is being slung towards you. If you get the timing down, your opponent will be wondering why their ability just gave you a mana boost, while wasting their precious ability time.


In conclusion, Sivir is one of the Champions that's known for her ability to farm extremely well and lead teams to victories. Her abilities are ones that need some getting used to, but once you learn the tricks and trades of the Battle Mistress, Creeps will melt at your feet and your team will be basking in the light of victory. Thank you for reading my guide, as mentioned before, comments, concerns, constructive criticism, additions will all be enjoyed and thanked for, since I'm not fully grown as a player yet. Also, I leave you with a couple images of some games I've played, the first using the main build I use (game finished before I could build the final item) and the second is the match results from when my team was pushed back to just the final two turrets with all the inhibitors down, and I farmed my way into the items displayed, and pushed my team into a victory.

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For the most part i stopped reading after i saw that you maxed richochet before boomerang blade.

-Reason why

-You will rarely be able to stand still and just spam it in team fights unless it's already a winning fight

- You will be horribly gimp laning against other champions. Sure you will be able to kill minions quickly but you you can't rely on Richochet to harass.

-If you get into a 1v1 fight in the jungle for example you WILL get your ass kicked, as there is no minions around. It's already somewhat hard trying to gank as sivir compared to other champions.

Other things i noticed about your guide

First of all there are much better boot choice then berserker's greaves for sivir.

Boots of mobility + paired with teleport will allow you to do ridiculous ninja pushes on towers.

Mercury threads- Not to much explanation needed, 20%+ or so magic dmg absorbed+

Reading your guide it seems like you are also trying to build a lot of attack speed, i can see it's advantages in taking towers out but it isn't that often where sivir can just stand there and spam the **** out of her normal attacks.

As for your screen shots i see you got Stark's Fervor and blood thirster meaning you would have 45% lifesteal 30 health regen/5 from your items alone. Seems like a huge waste when you could of gotten black cleaver or another item for the passive buff.

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I would suggest looking into getting a damage item before Phantom Dancer. At the point in your progressions (both of them) when you get Phantom Dancer, you are actually doing less dps than a maxed Bloodthirster, and the Bloodthirster costs 200 less gold. Spend the extra cash on an Elixir of Agility.

I also suggest taking the Frozen Mallet over Triforce. While the Trinity Force does give you an all around buff, the additional health from the Frozen Mallet gives you more survivability. Additionally, the permaslow from Frozen Mallet is worth more offensively than the damage proc from Trinity Force, especially in teamfights.

Depending on how the game is going, Mallet or Dancer could be built in either order, or simultaneously. i.e -> Zeal, Phage, Dancer, Mallet.

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For the most part i stopped reading after i saw that you maxed richochet before boomerang blade.

I completely disagree with this. Either you are trolling or you don't know much about Sivir. There is nothing wrong with favoring ricochet over blade. I usually level them based on who I am paired with at solo mid and the mana/regen/gold/teleport situation when I level.

I think you are probably just a troll, but I will argue your points just in case newbies take your reasons seriously.


-You will rarely be able to stand still and just spam it in team fights unless it's already a winning fight

Not if the initiators/tanks/cc are doing their job. The whole point of a dps champion is to be able to deteriorate the enemy team's health with dps attacks. If your teammates are doing their job and Sivir plays with good positioning and appropriate Spell Shields, she can mow through enemy champions with amazingly good survivabilty.

You can only shoot Blade for so long; it drains mana fast and against an hp heavy team, the damage isn't great unless you went AP. Even then, if they have good magic resist , especially like Banshee's Veil, the dps is what you need. Ricochet gives great damage in teamfights when Sivir's base attack is high (like with a Bloodthirster, the highest dmg item in the game).


- You will be horribly gimp laning against other champions. Sure you will be able to kill minions quickly but you you can't rely on Richochet to harass.

Ricochet is great for harassment. Consider the following:
A level 6 Sivir that put 3 pts into Blade, 2 pts into Shield, and 1 pt into On the Hunt.
Since she went for maxing Blade, she probably rushed the Chalice. She can use Spiral Blade frequently, but can't yet spam Blade with just Chalice (3rd level Blade cost like 100 or 120 and she only has 460 mana at this point).

So she harasses her enemy with Blade. If she makes a perfect shot she'll do 350 magic damage before resistance. The problem is, during the laning phase, a smart solo will stay be wary of your blade. They will stay behind the ranged creeps, cutting that 350 magic damage down to 245, or even less if it hits melee creeps also. Good solos will stay at the edge of its range, and dodge it at least some of the time. Some players will rush the Veil when they know they are laning against Sivir.

Now consider a level 6 Sivir that put 3 pts into Ricochet, 2 pts into Shield, and 1 pt into on the Hunt. Since she doesn't have mana issues, she skipped the Chalice. There are several items she could have gone with instead, but let's say she went for Madred's Razors. since they cost a similar (slightly more) amount of gold.

This Sivir does 82 base damage. Let's assume that it's always her third Ricochet that damages the enemy. Of course, sometimes you can hit them directly, and sometimes they won't get hit by it at all, so let's say it's the third one for a more worst case scenario. The third ricochet will do 82*(.88)^3 = 56 damage. 7 of these would do more damage than a best scenario Blade, at a mana cost of 42 instead of 100. Her attack speed is .8 aps at this point, so she could get off 7 attacks in approximately 9 seconds, which happens to be the cooldown time of Blade.

So the dps Sivir actually has a good bit more damage potential - it's just over time rather than burst. Also, the Ricochet let's you harass while being able to focus on last hitting and making money. The range of Ricochet is similar to Blade if the creeps are positioned normally.


-If you get into a 1v1 fight in the jungle for example you WILL get your ass kicked, as there is no minions around.

Why would Sivir be in a 1v1 fight in the jungle?


It's already somewhat hard trying to gank as sivir compared to other champions.

Sivir isn't a good ganker, and solo mids should rarely gank anyway, as it is risky to leave your tower undefended. Even when playing a Blade oriented build, it is better to harass your opponent in mid lane to half or less health and call the gank from top or bot, thus mindgaming their carry and denying them experience and gold.

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Alright, I like the guide, so I only have a few bones to pick:

1) Contrary to popular belief, you will find yourself in situations where you've already used your ult, and it won't save you. Granted, flash would be fairly useful, but if you get slowed anyways (if a nunu has a flash, too), then you're screwed. By taking ghost (and it's mastery), you can completely cancel out a normal exhaust, and by combining it with mercury treads (which I find myself buying a lot for Sivir lately), then you're basically uncatchable. I use Ghost with Sivir in every game I play, and it hasn't failed me yet.

2) Lots of attack speed may be useful in melting creeps, but it's useless tanking towers when enemy heroes are attacking you. I'd replace the red runes with attack damage runes, allowing your ricochet to damage the tower just a bit more before you need to run/die. I've finished off many a tower tanking all five of the opponents where I barely destroyed the building (mostly due to an extra ricochet bounce after I died), and I'm not convinced it would have turned out the same if I had stacked AS runes instead.

3) I usually take more Boomarang Blade levels early, but I've tried it getting Ricochet early too, and I find both methods work well. In fact, many times I find myself forced to take more ricochet than I was planning in order to keep lane control, but it's situational game by game.

4) You sure like stacking your AS, don't you? As I've mentioned above, I find Mercury Treads to be the most useful boots on Sivir, followed closely by Ninja Tabi. I just don't see the usefulness of so much attack speed; it'll only make you that much more of a gank target. If someone sees a Sivir attacking really fast, they're going to think "we need to kill her fast", regardless what the actual damage is, but when they see a Sivir attacking slow, they think they'll have more time to respond, which won't be the case if you slip some extra damage up your sleave. Stats aren't everything, psychology's a big part of playing this game as well.

5) Chalice of Harmony > Philosopher's Stone by a long shot. Stone becomes useless even by midgame, while the Chalice continues to help you the entire game. That and your money's much better spent on the magical resist, which you're almost guarenteed to need, than the extra gold every 10 seconds, which I believe takes about 30 minutes to even pay for itself. Not that useful.

6) Your strategy is good Sivir strategy, just remember to play loosely, be willing to run off to another lane if your ally can hold yours well enough, and just keep the enemy guessing where you'll be two minutes later. A Sivir constantly laning one lane on the map isn't that much of a worry. A Sivir constantly laning three lanes on the map is just plain scary.

Good guide, I liked it.

For the most part i stopped reading after i saw that you maxed richochet before boomerang blade.

-If you get into a 1v1 fight in the jungle for example you WILL get your ass kicked, as there is no minions around. It's already somewhat hard trying to gank as sivir compared to other champions.

Really? I always figured that if you got jumped in the jungle as Sivir, you're basically screwed no matter what skill you have maxed. And what're you doing jungling that early anyways? You're supposed to be pushing lanes, not trying to gank. Leave the ganking to champions that can actually output pinpoint damage quickly, not small damage that adds up over time.

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Honestly, I don't think guides this massive are neccessary to get across to players what you're trying to. In a few words, here's how I do Sivir.

Summoner Spells: I use Exhaust with the Mastery Buff. It makes her Boomerang Blade hit the exhausted target both ways, causing massive damage and easy ganks earlygame, especially if you can catch someone near your turret to take a few hits for the duration.
I also use Fortify, because you deal 7 extra damage to minions while it's ready to cast, which gives you easy farming, and if need be, you can activate it - God forbid.

I learned that one particular item is amazing for ganks with her - Executioner's Calling. It pratically speaks for itself. I've only played about 4 games with her, but this seems to be very effective for ganking and assists. It also refills her health about 3/5 in just a single wave of minions with her 2nd ability. I mean, I couldn't believe how fast my health refilled. It gets crazy.

Executioner's Calling + Malady = "Why won't she just die!?"

Also, Winged Boots, the +3 movement boots, plus On the Hunt give her incredible accuracy potential for getting her Boomerang Blade to hit practically any direction you want on its way back.

Runes and Masteries: I have a page for mages, and a page for tanks. The tank page is focused around Attack Rate, Critical %, and Armor Penetration. This page works for me.
I set my masteries to max armor penetration, max damage buff, max critical buff, and a mixture of exp buff and movement.

But then again, that's just my take on her. I use Malady with a lot of the characters I play with because it just increases my overall survival potential.

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I gotta agree with the commenter...solo mid unless i am against another Sivir, i max Boomerang Blade first...

Its very very under utilized and most people early game do not fear it as they should.

I say this for two reasons

1) It gives you lane control...by positioning yourself always with a clear shot on the enemy, a smart enemy will attempt to hide behind their creeps and or move back towards their tower to avoid being hit with the blade, which can do 230 damage unmodified at spell level 2. This is a lot of damage ...considering by level 5 you can be doing 340 damage you can melt through pretty much every carry they will stick mid assuming you can position and aim yourself to hit them. A stupid enemy will not even attempt to dodge the blade and die quickly.

2) It allows you to slightly overextend early game and push and keep people away from towers while your creeps beat on it. Most heroes have issues that when you push to the tower you have to back off so you dont get whacked by the hero killing the creeps on the tower. Sivir just throw a boomerang blade at them as you run out of tower range...if you hit them they will seriously reconsider getting anywhere near you with a straight shot.

I regularly get first blood with Sivir against regular solo mid'rs like Ashe..they just have so little life...by having quick fingers you can spell shield their volley and run directly at them and throw a blade...

I like Ricochet, but it just doesnt do enough damage and isnt consistent enough to control a lane. Your more just brute forcing your way through a lane instead of controlling the lane. Against another character who can wipe creeps early, like an ashe with volley or a yi with alpha strike you will have a hard time actually pushing creep waves consistently into their base. With aggressive(and accurate!) boomerang blades you can keep the enemy hiding well behind their tower at every push...just remember your creeps dont count as hits! So many times they run up to their tower to try to last hit creeps dying to their tower...bam there goes 300 life. They dont do it again i can tell you that.

I agree with your item/rune builds and everything else though, its a typical Sivir build thats been posted here a while ago

I consider Sivirs main benefit is to push towers early. I cant tell you how many games i've gotten first blood at level 3 and pushed a creep wave up to their tower and taken half its life before they can get back. The towers now are just so weak, getting that first tower really benefits the entire team as you can now overpower them in other lanes and constantly force them to shift lanes in an attempt to stop Sivir pushes. Forcing them into a reactive mode usually is what causes the death of the enemy team. They can either try to 5 man push while 4 of our guys defend the tower and i mow through their others..or they are forced to split up where our team can pick them off a couple at a time.

Although after todays patch i dont know what summoner spells ill get..up until now Ghost/Cleanse have been a pretty OP combo because you could Cleanse/Ghost and get out of 99% any situation...spell shield is only good once in a team fight/gank. Since promote is out, i'd be tempted to say Teleport/Cleanse with how prevalent CC is in this game. Spell shield is good for 1 on 1 fights..but in a big fight where 3 people are targetting you its not going to do **** as they all spam snares/stuns on you. And a lot of people target Sivir first because they see her as an easy kill, if its one of those teams i just buy a Warmogs and use my Starks fervor to play quasi-tank and get my ult off to help my team...

Just how i play though i realize theres other ways..i've played a good 20+ games with sivir over the last week and only lost 1(bad teamates, and ******ed Trynd on their team)

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, positive and negative. I've noted each of the ideas people have thrown out and I've been working on them.

Rakoth : I know I went a little overboard on it, but I do like adding things in detail for those that need it, along with the tl;dr recap. I'm thinking of trying out Executioners but the only time I'd see it being useful is if the team had a bunch of healers / stacking lifesteal / our team doesn't have Gankplank. With the new patch, my rune page rounded out a good 10% attack speed bonus from what it was, so adjusting to stack more attack damage would problably benefit.

Swiftstar88 : Your ideas did help me quite a bit while I was testing out some additions. I like the Ninja Tabi, gives that extra dodge and more armor. The whole mindgame aspect is definitely something I like, confusing my opponents to fearing me more then they should.

FuzzeWuzze / Cresil : I am gonna test out putting Boomerang Blade up front, but like Aeth said, even with me having Chalice, Sivir's mana pool isn't huge and the mana cost of it, especially at very early levels, eat about a quarter of it a shot. It does do wicked damage when double bounced, but the mana drain is what turns me off of the idea.

Aeth : I've tried the Mallet in there, I definitely like it a lot more then Triforce. Usually by the time I have Mallet and Phantom down the build, we've just about won. I'm probably gonna be trying this as my build in the coming few games I try:

-Chalice of Harmony
-Ninja Tabi
-Stark's Fervor
(Last three in no particular order)
-Frozen Mallet
-Phantom Dancer

The way I see it with this, the PD and NT will provide a high boost to my dodge, Bloodthirster alone gives a great boost to my damage, along with the boosted Lifesteal on top of Starks, and Mallet allows me to chase late game, and having Mallet, Ninja and Chalice gives me a little extra resistance on both scales, having my survivability up rather well.

Once again, thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

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Junior Member


I disagree with your summoner skill and skill build. Why smite? Sivir NEVER need smite! I normally take ignite and teleport/flash/ghost. Why ignite? A lot of people underestimate Sivir damage, so they will come out of their tower to try to kill you, ignite and boomerang blade send two punched to their face! ignite also make your boomerang blade stronger!

For skill build, I don't get ult at lvl 6, you won't use it at this stage unless you want to burn up your mana pool, I get ult at lvl 10 and 11, as you get 45% increase AS at lvl2 ult. For the first 9 lvl I max out Boomerang Blade, get at least 1 SS, the rest in Ricochet. Then I'll max out SS, reason: at this stage, it's beginning of team fight, you want your SS cooldown to be as low as possible, you don't have enough damage to make the 5 ricochet deal good damage, it's a waste of skill point at that time, you will mainly use Boomerang blade in team fight and move around the battle (never stand idle and thow blade, you're gonna die, and die fast). Lvl 5 boomerang blade have a huge range and hurt squishy champ, so it need to be max as soon as possible.

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Senior Member


You know this was 3 months old right?