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My sister plays league on a mac and gets low FPS

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Thos sounds exactly like what happened to me the other day

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Sorry for reviving this thread but I also experience the same issue, although only on the Mac client do I receive severe FPS drops because the game isn't optimized as well compared to the Windows version. It is pretty much normal as my iMac 2012 with GTX 680MX also drops 10-15 FPS in ARAM when opposed to the Windows version I remain steadily at 60FPS. So the only way to play at 60FPS on a rMBP is to reduce the settings to medium-high with shadows off at 1440x900 res in any map except ARAM. ARAM has TOO MANY visual effects and artifacts going on in a small space.

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and, if nothing else helps, go to my thread, theres a bunch of tips that may or may not be useful