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Mundo build that is working wonders for me

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Ok so I'm sure there are plenty of people who use this build out there somewhere, and its a pretty obvious build, but anyways...

Marks-Magic resist
Glyphs-Magic Resist
3 Health quints

Masteries- 0/21/9


Doran's Shield x3
Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads, depending on team
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Cape

It works sooo well...The 3 shields give you sick regen and cheap health and armor, and with sunfire capes you will just become a crazy offensive tank. If your having trouble with nukers, switch a sunfire cape for a Force of Nature or Spirit Visage.

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T a e

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I go 3 wormogs and merc treads and force of nature (if enemy is heavy caster based)you end up about 5k health with ridiculous health regen + ur 60s ulti = best and undying tankburning agony is always on and just run in, initiate, make them use all their cc and nuke on you (you may die if they do then ur team can finish up) or if they ignore you just run pass and use E skill and hit squish carry like ashe.How I play Mundo:I max cleaver whenever i can then one in E rest goes to W (burning agony)harass with cleaver / last hit creeps with E (if you can't do this with E skill, i don't know what to tell u)as soon as u get warmog's and boots, keep W on most of the time to kill creeps. Great farming tool which is why i max W before E. Yes it drains more health but 60s cd ulti will make up for it.more warmogs armor = more health and health regen.If you are hurt and ulti is on cd simply walk away for like 10 s (of course turn W off) and u will have enough health to do more creeping and harassing and closer to use ulti again.Just few tips on how i play mundoThere's no reason to stack 3 dorans... idea is make lvl 6 without leaving the lane. I usually don't go back to shop until either I'm badly hurt before lvl 6 or I can buy least giant's belt. Sunfire adds good armor and health and good farming item but why spend so much gold when you can just farm with W with more health?

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3 Doran's shield make me lol

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Without a Name



I prefer Warmog's armor too, don't like the cape. And 3 Doran's shield is a bit...

...sometimes I buy something for atk speed in late game. Malady or wit's end just gives a nice DPS used with Masochism